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Top Pardot Email Template Examples [eBook]

When it comes to creating responsive Pardot email templates, there is plenty to consider. Everything from deliverability to design and layout can affect the success of your campaign, which is why it’s great to have a little guidance.

Coloured background with text Top Pardot Email Template Examples [eBook]

With this in mind, we’ve put together a ‘cookbook’ containing the top Pardot email template examples. Consider it your go-to recipe book for tasty Pardot email templates!

Based on our experience, there are a handful of email templates most marketers need. These are the ones we’ve included in the Pardot Email Cookbook and they include:

  • Product/service launch

  • Event

  • Newsletter

  • Sales outreach

  • Lead nurture 

What to expect from the cookbook

Like any good cookbook, along with an image of each delightful email dish, you’ll find a list of the ingredients to include and why your audience will love it.

Not only this, we’ve included considerations for getting your kitchen in order and making sure you’re able to achieve top deliverability rates, as well as plenty of tips and best practices for writing great email content.

Lastly, your copy of the Pardot Email Cookbook comes with cooking techniques aka, your options for DIY-ing the email template or ordering one of our readymade, tried-and-tested templates

The full eBook contents look like this:

  • What to expect from the cookbook

  • Meet the author

  • Getting your kitchen in order

  • Pardot email recipes

  • Dish 1 - Product launch

  • Dish 2 - Event

  • Dish 3 - Newsletter

  • Dish 4 - Sales

  • Dish 5 - Lead nurture/top of mind

  • Readymade email templates

Caution: the food analogies inside may cause your mouth to water and/or hunger pangs.

Download the ‘Pardot Email Cookbook’ today.

Of course, if you find yourself stuck or have a question as you read through, MarCloud is here to help. Send us a message and we’ll be in touch.

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Anton Minnion

A data scientist and engineer, Anton has extensive experience in successfully delivering martech and salestech solutions for a variety of clients, both big and small, and across 25 countries. With a scary amount of knowledge in the development space, his focus at MarCloud is on innovating technical solutions for clients but also creating brand new apps and products for Salesforce platforms, to solve common business challenges.

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eBook cover with the text Pardot Email Cookbook Examples & Templates

Pardot Email Cookbook

Based on the experience of our team at MarCloud, we’ve put together a recipe book for the top five Pardot email templates we know most marketers need. Inside, you’ll find quick tips for getting your kitchen in order, first and foremost. Along with the key ingredients all templates should contain.

Download Pardot Email Cookbook

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