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Marketing Cloud & Salesforce for non-profits

From fundraising to volunteer recruitment, we help non-profits use Salesforce marketing software for better results.

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How it works

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    Implementation & integration

    We get you up and running in 7–10 days, including segmentation of your data and a focus on configuring your platform so it serves you for years to come. We take care of all the technical details, saving you the time and headache of figuring it out without support. While we know how non-profit businesses tend to communicate with patrons, we won’t pretend to understand the fine nuances of your organisation, so we’ll learn everything we can during this phase to design processes around you.

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    Insights & qualification

    Without the right kind of tracking in place, we can’t be sure how engaged your contacts are. This impacts your ability to serve timely marketing but also affects how well you can report on campaign results. We ensure all your marketing touchpoints are mapped and ready to build into your engagement strategy, with clear campaign attribution modelling.

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    Customer journeys & onboarding

    Whether you’re using Account Engagement or Marketing Cloud, we’ll set up automated journeys that nurture your already-segmented and reliable database — sending the right content to the right people at the right time. When every touchpoint counts, all engagements must be as timely and tailored as possible. We can also implement excellent scoring and grading models that enable you to surface the prospects most likely to convert, whether it be via fundraising donations, volunteer recruitment, or something else.

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    Reporting & analytics

    Of course, your efforts will be negligible if you don’t have the means to report on them! Whether you’re looking for engagement on marketing assets, multi-touch campaign reporting, or even a drill down of activity per account, our market-leading reporting framework ‘B2BMA Nirvana by MarCloud’ enables you to surface the data you’re looking for and share visual, interactive reporting dashboards with stakeholders.

Why MarCloud?

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Why MarCloud for non-profits?

In a challenging industry like non-profit, where funds for software implementation are limited, and every donation counts, you need a partner that’s on the fringe of the latest developments in Salesforce technology and is prepared to grow with you as your strategy naturally matures.

Targeting the right audience for your services is always a challenge, but especially so in a space where emotive communication can be so sensitive and you are competing for their attention with commercial marketing - usually with a much smaller budget! 

That’s where MarCloud comes in. We take your fundraising and communication goals and build an engagement plan that targets the most fruitful prospects at the right time, as well as maintaining steady and clear comms with existing donors.

Soon you’ll have fully automated funnels where prospect and patron management is reliable, steady, and easier to forecast - your fundraising team won’t be able to thank you enough.

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Ready to reach marketing nirvana?

Our market-leading framework, 'B2BMA Nirvana by MarCloud', addresses every part of Account Engagement (Pardot) and your Salesforce ecosystem. Using this framework, MarCloud experts have the wisdom and experience to guide you on the path to complete marketing and reporting clarity.

B2BMA Nirvana by MarCloud

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