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Marketing Cloud & Pardot Resources

Use the resources below to learn more about Marketing Cloud, including Account Engagement (powered by Pardot), with expert guides, tips, and tricks that will help you use your systems with best practice and for great results.

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Latest eBooks

ebook cover with text Pardot Scoring & Grading That Works
Account Engagement

Pardot Scoring & Grading That Works

This handbook gives a straightforward explanation of Pardot grading and scoring. It outlines default versus custom models and provides a basic understanding of lead qualification. If you’ve ever wondered what the difference is between grading and scoring, we cover it.

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Worksheet cover with text Pardot Scoring & Grading Worksheet
Account Engagement

Pardot Scoring & Grading Worksheet

The Pardot Grading & Scoring Worksheet is a practical tool that marketers can use to figure out the answers to their Scoring and Grading models. Using the process we use ourselves, it will guide you step-by-step through the information you need about your buyers.

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Cover of eBook with text Organising Pardot for Better ROI
Account Engagement

Organising Pardot for Better ROI

Tidying your Pardot account is step one in making your life easier, saving time and increasing return on marketing investment! Here you’ll find a complete guide to organising your Pardot account like a pro – whether you’re working with a new implementation or a mature account that’s in a bit of a mess.

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eBook cover with text Pardot Account Audit Checklist
Account Engagement

Pardot Account Audit Checklist

Gain a fresh perspective and a roadmap for success by running a detailed audit of your Pardot (now called Marketing Cloud Account Engagement) account. uncover new opportunities to use your Pardot automation tool for improved lead generation and nurture. Download the free checklist.

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Recent Case Studies

Bruntwood Logo
Campaign Management

Personalised email marketing for Bruntwood

With a solid list of direct enquiries already within Pardot, Bruntwood was keen to run sophisticated email marketing to re-engage cold leads and drive them to convert.

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Twig Education Logo
Pardot audit

Rolling automated marketing activity out to other US states

Following a very successful campaign rolling out a new science program in California, Twig Education was looking to scale their operations to market their products to the rest of the US.

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Featured Tools

Cover image with text Assess Your B2B Marketing Nirvana

Quiz: Assess Your B2B Marketing Nirvana

B2B marketing nirvana is the ultimate state every Salesforce marketer dreams of. How close are you to marketing serenity? Take our free online quiz to find out whether you're 'Conscious', 'Aware', 'Enlightened', or 'Nirvana'. Using 25 quick and easy questions, we'll mark your answers against our market-leading 'B2BMA Nirvana by MarCloud' framework.

B2B Marketing Nirvana Quiz
Cover with text Pardot vs. Marketing Cloud

Quiz: Pardot vs. Marketing Cloud

Answer a handful of questions and receive our recommendation on the Salesforce marketing platform that could be best suited to your business; Account Engagement, Marketing Cloud Engagement, or a mix of both. Get your result immediately then contact us to validate or discuss it.

Pardot vs Marketing Cloud Quiz