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Readymade marketing automation solutions for Salesforce platforms

Solving common industry pain points with cross-cloud packaged solutions for Pardot (Account Engagement), Salesforce, and Marketing Cloud.

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Save time with readymade solutions

Triana and Financial Services

Aim high with enhanced tools

For almost half a decade, MarCloud has been designing innovative, creative one-off solutions to enable marketers and revenue operations teams in the Salesforce ecosystem. Now very familiar with common pain points and best practices, we have “bottled” some of these solutions to make them more accessible than ever.

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Faster than starting from scratch

Born out of common Pardot and Marketing Cloud challenges, and still being refined and honed project after project, our packaged solutions enable you to use a tried-and-tested framework that you can still adapt to your precise needs — just in less time than if you had built it from scratch!

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Lightning to get your orgs in order

As well-meaning Admins regularly build new sections and layouts to support the Marketing and Operations teams, Salesforce Record pages can quickly spiral out of control. With our (coming soon!) packaged solution you can safely update your Lightning Record pages with commonly needed components that not only display essential revenue ops and marketing data but also improve overall UX.

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Pardot website tracking & cookie compliance

If your company has a custom cookie consent banner (nearly everyone should to comply with GDPR!) then you need to implement your tracking code correctly and integrate with Pardot. Unfortunately, this can be tricky to set up. Let MarCloud check your website tracking and ensure you're compliant.

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Migrating to Pardot

Migrating from one marketing automation software to another is a massive task. One that we can take care of for you, ensuring your marketing and business activity sees as little disruption as possible while you move systems.

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How it works

Pick a solution and get in touch

We are slowly but surely growing our readymade solutions, starting with the most-in-demand across the industry. 

Whether you are struggling to comply with GDPR and need to start from scratch, or looking to align your cookie consent banner with the Pardot cookie opt-in mechanism (which is not as turnkey as they would have you believe), we’ve got you covered!

Let us know what you need

We have our ears to the ground at MarCloud, but we also welcome any suggestions for new or bespoke solutions to add to our list. 

Be it the ideal Marketing Cloud, Salesforce, or Pardot solution you seek, feel free to get in touch if you don’t see it listed here — we may even be working on it already!

Get ready to share admin access

Most of our solutions involve code, whether it’s Salesforce Apex, or Javascript utilising Salesforce, or Pardot APIs.

If you have the in-house resource to customise our packaged solutions yourself, we can deliver them to you almost off the shelf. No problem if not, but we’ll need the support of system admins and product owners in giving us temporary access to do this customisation work.

Ready to talk?

Send a message to our team of consultants, with a brief overview of the type of support you’re looking for. One of the MarCloud experts will respond very soon!

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