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Salesforce Data Cloud support

Data drives your business. We can help you make the most of your Marketing Cloud and Sales Cloud data so you maximise revenue and work from a central source of truth.

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Maximise revenue with Data Cloud

Data Cloud Quiz

Data Cloud Readiness Quiz

Bad data in means bad data out so it is important you have everything in order before you proceed with a powerful tool like Salesforce Data Cloud.

Take our free online quiz to figure out whether you’re ready to get started with Data Cloud.

Salesforce Data Cloud Quiz
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Connected data generates revenue

Consolidate your data and turn it into fuel for your sales teams. Let Data Cloud power every customer touchpoint in their journey and align your teams so they can create meaningful customer moments.

Within the first week of partnering with MarCloud, they felt like an extension of our team and were just as invested in the success of this project as we were.

— Mackenzie, Director of Demand Generation, eGym
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Better segmentation for Marketing Cloud campaigns

Take action on all of your data from within Salesforce and build hyper-specific customer segments for use within Marketing Cloud. Resonate with customers across multiple channels to drive better return on marketing investment.

Marketing Cloud Support

Our company has been struggling with an incorrect setup of our Pardot workflows and content download processes. We hired Tom and his team to help us set up these processes in a cleaner and more efficient way, and they did an excellent job!

— Flora, Website Administrator, Ecosio
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Use Data Cloud Segments in Account Engagement

Data Cloud works seamlessly with Account Engagement (Pardot) by allowing teams to create highly tailored segments that can be injected into the Engagement Studio, power more intuitive personalisation or added to other nurture lists.

Account Engagement services

The entire team at MarCloud were fantastic to work with on our recent Pardot project. They provided clear timelines and communication throughout and produced professional and concise documentation for our team as a part of their wrap-up. We couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

— David, Head of Marketing, Twig Education

What is Data Cloud?

In short, Data Cloud is an ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tool that brings together data from all of your different sources and presents it in a way that is extremely actionable for your marketing, sales and service teams.

What can you do with the free Data Cloud provisioning?

Data Cloud allows Salesforce customers with either Enterprise or Ultimate(+) to get started with one of two use cases:

  1. Sales: Consolidate your data across orgs and systems so you have a centralised source of truth with a standardised set of data. Use this information to better segment and target prospects for improved ROI%.

  2. Service: Personalise the customer experience by understanding purchase history across multiple orgs and data sources. Whether this is via email, text, app messaging or an actual service professional speaking with a customer on the phone, you will be able to get a full view of the customer that unlocks the ability to provide the best experience.

In either case, you are using the ETL process (Extract, Transform, Load) to make data make sense within the CRM and subsequently, your Marketing Cloud!

Is Data Cloud referred to by any other names?

Yes, Data Cloud used to be called Customer Data Platform and is often referred to as Salesforce CDP.

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Send a message to our team of consultants, with a brief overview of the type of support you’re looking for. One of the MarCloud experts will respond very soon!

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