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Salesforce for healthcare & life sciences

When patient data privacy is of the utmost importance, you need a Salesforce Partner with the measures in place to support you.

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How it works

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    Implementation & integration

    We get you up and running in 7–10 days, including segmentation of your data and a focus on ensuring data compliance and protection from the very start. With the technical and organisational measures in-house to take care of the details you can’t ignore when it comes to patient data privacy, we’ll configure your accounts correctly, so you can rest assured you are collecting and using data in line with best practice.

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    Qualifying & assigning leads

    Whether you’re using a lead generation or account-based marketing approach, you’ll want to use lead scoring and grading to surface your most valuable prospects. We can take care of the modelling side for you, as well as ensuring your technical setup is sound, so qualified leads are passed to sales representatives as soon as they’re ready to be engaged one-on-one.

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    Automating customer journeys

    Staying top of mind with doctors and consultants across medical practices requires consistent, tailored marketing communications and Marketing Cloud makes this easy. We work with Engagement Studio in Account Engagement, and Journey Builder in Marketing Cloud Engagement, so we support your automated activities from start to finish.

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    Reporting & analytics

    All your marketing efforts will be negligible if you don’t have the means to report on them! Attend meetings with stakeholders armed and ready with accurate, reliable reports created in B2B Marketing Analytics and other Salesforce reporting tools. Our market-leading framework, ‘B2BMA Nirvana by MarCloud’, helps you achieve marketing and reporting harmony.

Why MarCloud?

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MarCloud for healthcare and life science companies

In the healthcare and life sciences industries, patient data privacy is the number one consideration. You can’t afford a slip in tracking or a GDPR infringement, which means you need a Salesforce Partner who understands how to collect and store data compliantly in marketing automation platforms. This requires mindful technical and organisational measures, both of which MarCloud has in place.

Not only this, our clients work with several doctors and consultants across medical practices, so we’re well-versed in communicating with automated lead generation and nurture campaigns but also account-based marketing (ABM) tactics.

We take your business and marketing goals and provide the Marketing Cloud and or Account Engagement know-how to ensure everything in your account works perfectly to achieve them. Plus, we’re laser-focused on painting a true picture of your marketing landscape so you can present beautiful and accurate reports to the C-suite.

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Ready to reach marketing nirvana?

Our market-leading framework, 'B2BMA Nirvana by MarCloud', addresses every part of Account Engagement (Pardot) and your Salesforce ecosystem. Using this framework, MarCloud experts have the wisdom and experience to guide you on the path to complete marketing and reporting clarity.

B2BMA Nirvana by MarCloud

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Send a message to our team of consultants, with a brief overview of the type of support you’re looking for. One of the MarCloud experts will respond very soon!

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