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B2BMA Nirvana by MarCloud

Based on years of Salesforce experience, our market-leading framework helps struggling marketers achieve marketing serenity.

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Marketing & reporting harmony

What if we told you that it is possible to reach complete marketing reporting clarity? 

That your days of grappling with Account Engagement to show the value of Marketing are over. You can leave broken reports and awkward meetings behind.

‘B2BMA Nirvana by MarCloud’ is a unique framework that addresses every part of Account Engagement, guiding clients on the path to marketing and reporting harmony using B2B Marketing Analytics (B2BMA).

With years of Account Engagement experience, MarCloud knows the platform inside out. Our certified consultants have the experience and wisdom to help you tackle the essential areas of your account needed to present a true picture of your marketing landscape.

The highest state of Salesforce marketing

By focusing on five key areas, we’ll get you to a place where everything just works.

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Qualifying & assigning prospects

First things first, we’ll help you to put strong foundations in place for qualifying and assigning prospects, using powerful Account Engagement features and functionality, such as scoring, grading, and timely-but-tailored lead assignment.

MarCloud is a great partner to work with: fantastic knowledge, high quality of work, great communication and consistency in the team throughout the project.

— Nadine, Marketing Operations, Oxford Economics
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Fixing broken data

If they’re not already, we’ll get your campaigns and Salesforce Lead Source data in good working order with consistent values, campaign tracking, best practice segmentation, and reliable Campaign Member Statuses.

Our Pardot & Salesforce integration has come on leaps and bounds with MarCloud guiding us through. Excellent service.

— Abby, Head of Marketing, Smart Group
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Attribution modelling

With the basics in place, it’s time to optimise your customer touchpoints and tracking. At this part of your journey, we’ll look at UTM parameters, capturing multi-touch data, attribution models, and alignment between your organic and paid platforms.

The team at MarCloud has provided us with a level of guidance and expertise that is unrivaled. They’ve saved me countless hours and, by avoiding an expensive hire, many dollars, too.

— Mike, Marketing Director, Kirkpatrick Price
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Reporting with B2BMA

B2B Marketing Analytics (B2BMA) is an app available to Account Engagement customers with Plus, Advanced, Premium editions, and Salesforce Enterprise edition or higher. We’ll shape and deliver your reporting framework using a combination of classic Salesforce reports and B2BMA.

Within the first week of partnering with MarCloud, they felt like an extension of our team and were just as invested in the success of this project as we were.

— Mackenzie, Director of Demand Generation, eGym
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Streamline & scale

At this stage, you’re at the height of marketing automation serenity and now it’s all about scale. With MarCloud at your side, the entire inbound lead process can be streamlined and scaled across Business Units and used to justify future projects.

What sets MarCloud apart from the very few other dedicated Marketing Cloud automation consultancies is their expert-level product knowledge and the fact that they are genuinely great to work with.

— Nicoll, Digital Marketing Manager, Bruntwood

B2BMA Nirvana starts with an audit

Our tried-and-tested framework is flexible, designed to discover where your business sits on the journey to B2BMA Nirvana and then helping you to reach new heights. 

Unlike other consultancies, Salesforce marketing is all we do. We’ve been a top-rated Salesforce partner since 2018, so you can rest assured that you’re working with the right people.

Ready to get some marketing serenity? It starts with an audit of your Account Engagement and Salesforce accounts.

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What is B2BMA?

B2BMA is short for ‘B2B Marketing Analytics’ - a Salesforce CRM app that combines Account Engagement (Pardot) and Sales Cloud data in a single place for integrated analytics and reporting. It comes with out-of-the-box and customisable dashboards that will only be useful when your accounts are configured correctly.

Can we work together without B2BMA?

Absolutely! The initial steps to B2BMA Nirvana are best practice foundations that all Account Engagement users should have in place. We work with all Salesforce customers to improve marketing automation and, as a result, deliver ROI.

How long until we see results?

Ultimately, this depends on where you sit on the journey to B2BMA Nirvana currently, and other factors such as your business processes and available budget. However, for many of our clients we make significant improvements that can be tied back to tangible business goals within weeks

How do I learn more?

For new clients, the best place to begin is with an audit of your accounts. This will help both of us find out where you are on the journey to B2BMA Nirvana and create a clear roadmap for next steps. If you have questions, feel free to contact us for a quick chat.

What makes you different from other marketing automation partners?

MarCloud only works with Salesforce marketing tools, including Account Engagement, Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Data Cloud. We are on the platforms day in, day out and we hold the certifications to prove our knowledge. B2BMA Nirvana is our market-leading framework, based on years of Salesforce experience and this sets us apart from the others. What’s more, we consider ourselves to be an extension of your marketing team - hitting deadlines, collaborating, and being as responsive as any internal member.

Ready to talk?

Send a message to our team of consultants, with a brief overview of the type of support you’re looking for. One of the MarCloud experts will respond very soon!

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