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Ensure a smooth migration to Pardot

Migrating from one marketing automation software to another is a massive task. One that we can take care of for you, ensuring your marketing and business activity sees as little disruption as possible while you move systems.

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Avoid migration mishaps

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Maintain data integrity

Exporting data from one software to another comes with risks. One wrong move and your database can be corrupted, making it difficult to know whether the data you now have in your new Pardot account is reliable, accurate, and healthy. Avoid making a mess.

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Excellent account structure

Migration is a perfect time to review the structure of your campaigns and data. There may be differences between your old software and what’s possible in Pardot, and the features of Pardot - such as folder hierarchy, scoring, and grading, need to be considered too.

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Launch new campaigns fast

Your migration should minimise business impact as much as possible. This means doing the required forward-thinking and planning but also, having the technical expertise to get up and running with Pardot quickly. A poor migration will cause issues later.

Our Pardot migration expertise

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HubSpot to Pardot migration

Our team of developers, data scientists, and marketing automation experts can collaborate with you to plan, prepare, and manage the migration of your HubSpot data, campaigns, and reports over to Pardot. We take everything into consideration.

Our company has been struggling with an incorrect setup of our Pardot workflows and content download processes. We hired Tom and his team to help us set up these processes in a cleaner and more efficient way, and they did an excellent job!”

— Flora, Website Administrator, Ecosio
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Data mapping & syncing

Before experting data from your old marketing automation software, you have to consider how it will be imported to Pardot, taking into account default and custom fields, and integration with Sales Cloud CRM. As specialists in both platforms, we can plan all of this.

The team at MarCloud has provided us with a level of guidance and expertise that is unrivaled. They’ve saved me countless hours and, by avoiding an expensive hire, many dollars, too.

— Mike, Marketing Director, Kirkpatrick Price
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Transferring assets

Email templates, landing pages, forms: all of these will need to be transferred or rebuilt in your shiny new Pardot account. It can be a time-consuming process but one you can handball our way! We can even design and build new templates for you, if you prefer.

I turned to MarCloud Consulting in order to have custom, flexible, and brand specific templates in Pardot that we would be able to use for a variety of use cases. Tom from MarCloud Consulting blew away my expectations with both the quality of work as well as making as many iterations as we needed in order to get everything just perfect.

— Andrew, Marketing Automation Manager, Teachers Pay Teachers
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Tracking and cookie compliance

We handle the technical tasks of reworking your website tracking to ensure it is GDPR compliant and fit for purpose. You get peace of mind that your prospect data is collected and aligned with your internal processes, so you can rely on it for reporting and analytics. 

What sets MarCloud apart from the very few other dedicated Marketing Cloud automation consultancies is their expert-level product knowledge and the fact that they are genuinely great to work with.

— Nicoll, Digital Marketing Manager, Bruntwood

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