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From checklists to online quizzes and calculators, try some of our expert tools that will help you get more out of your Salesforce marketing automation account.

Free Marketing Cloud Tools

Useful Tools

Cover image with text Assess Your B2B Marketing Nirvana

Quiz: Assess Your B2B Marketing Nirvana

B2B marketing nirvana is the ultimate state every Salesforce marketer dreams of. How close are you to marketing serenity? Take our free online quiz to find out whether you're 'Conscious', 'Aware', 'Enlightened', or 'Nirvana'. Using 25 quick and easy questions, we'll mark your answers against our market-leading 'B2BMA Nirvana by MarCloud' framework.

B2B Marketing Nirvana Quiz
Cover with text Pardot vs. Marketing Cloud

Quiz: Pardot vs. Marketing Cloud

Answer a handful of questions and receive our recommendation on the Salesforce marketing platform that could be best suited to your business; Account Engagement, Marketing Cloud Engagement, or a mix of both. Get your result immediately then contact us to validate or discuss it.

Pardot vs Marketing Cloud Quiz
Cover with text Free Pardot Health Check

Online Pardot Health Check

How's your Pardot marketing? Answer seven Pardot health check questions to find out how well you’re using your account and identify opportunities to make improvements. Complete the check and we'll even email your personalised results so you can focus on specific areas, right away.

Pardot Health Check
Cover with text Pardot Lead Grading Calculator

Pardot Lead Grading Calculator

We’ve created a free Pardot Lead Grading Calculator so that you can play around with the criteria that makes up your Grading profiles, allowing you to tweak and change them before setting them up in your account. With this free tool, planning a Grading profile has never been easier.

Pardot Lead Grading Calculator
Cover with text Free Pardot Naming Convention Builder

Pardot Naming Convention Builder

We’ve created an easy-to-use Pardot Naming Convention Builder, that will help you define a much better structure in organising your assets and files within your account. A tidy account makes it so much easier to manage and achieve return on investment.

Naming Convention Builder
Cover with text Are You Ready for Salesforce Data Cloud?

Quiz: Are You Ready for Salesforce Data Cloud?

Before you can use Data Cloud with success, you need to know your Salesforce accounts and internal processes are set up correctly and will fuel your customer data analytics accurately. Take our free online quiz to find out whether your accounts are set up for success with Data Cloud.

Salesforce Data Cloud Quiz
Cover with text Pardot Conditional HML Builder

Pardot Conditional HML Builder

When a prospect record in Pardot doesn’t contain a certain value, we can use Handlebars Merge Language (HML) to render default content. Use our free tool to generate your IF/ELSE content in HML. Answer three simple questions and then copy and paste the result into your account.

Pardot Conditional HML Builder
Cover with text Managing Pardot Account Hygiene

Pardot Account Hygiene Calendar

The Pardot Marketing Hygiene Calendar is a readymade tool that helps B2B marketers stay on top of their account organisation, in turn, saving time and the headaches of an unruly account. It’s best used in conjunction with our free eBook: Organising Pardot for Better ROI.

Pardot Hygiene Calendar
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