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Assess Your B2B Marketing Nirvana

If you're using Account Engagement (Pardot), answer these 25 key questions to find out where you are on the path to B2B marketing nirvana.

Illustration showing the path from Conscious to Nirvana

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B2B marketing nirvana is the ultimate state every Salesforce marketer dreams of.

With the right best practices and foundations in place, it is possible to achieve marketing and reporting harmony, giving you peace of mind that the figures you present to the C-suite are accurate and reliable. How close are you to marketing serenity?

Take our free online quiz to find out whether you're 'Conscious', 'Aware', 'Enlightened', or 'Nirvana'.

Using 25 quick and easy questions, we'll mark your answers against our market-leading 'B2BMA Nirvana by MarCloud' framework.