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Salesforce for professional services

From human resources to recruitment and marketing, we help professional services firms use Salesforce marketing products.

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How it works

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    Implementation & integration

    We get you up and running in 7–10 days, including segmentation of your data and a focus on configuring your platform so it shows a true picture of your marketing landscape. We take care of all the technical details, saving you the time and headache of figuring it out without support. We can even provide onboarding training for your internal team.

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    Qualifying & assigning leads

    Robust lead scoring and grading models are essential for professional services companies, enabling you to surface your most interested prospects while ignoring timewasters. Along with getting your scoring and grading in place, we review and ensure you have accurate, consistent lead source values that inform reporting.

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    Lead nurture and templates

    Whether you’re using Account Engagement or Marketing Cloud, we’ll set up automated journeys that will nurture your already-segmented database — sending the right content to the right people at the right time. When every touchpoint counts, all engagements must be as timely and tailored as possible. You can purchase readymade email, form, and landing page templates from us too!

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    Reporting & analytics

    Proving return on marketing investment is just as important as delivering leads to the sales team. By following our market-leading framework, ‘B2BMA Nirvana by MarCloud’, you can rest assured that everything in your account is informing visual, interactive reporting dashboards you can present in your next meeting with the C-suite.

Why MarCloud?

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MarCloud for professional services businesses

In the world of business-to-business marketing, lead generation and nurture is essential. Many of our professional services clients are B2B, ranging from HR to recruitment, marketing, and research firms. With long sales cycles and considered purchases, these types of companies use Salesforce marketing automation tools to reach new prospects and remain top of mind, nurturing them through the purchase process.

Our consultants have end-user and consulting experience, which means they understand how to market to your audience but also how to use Salesforce platforms in line with best practices. It’s the perfect combination of marketing and technical product expertise.

Of course, we support in the B2C space too, with skills in Marketing Cloud Engagement and Marketing Cloud Growth, including data science and in-house development teams. Whether you need campaign assets such as landing page and email templates, or technical support for integration, data segmentation, or reporting, MarCloud can help.

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Ready to reach marketing nirvana?

Our market-leading framework, 'B2BMA Nirvana by MarCloud', addresses every part of Account Engagement (Pardot) and your Salesforce ecosystem. Using this framework, MarCloud experts have the wisdom and experience to guide you on the path to complete marketing and reporting clarity.

B2BMA Nirvana by MarCloud

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Send a message to our team of consultants, with a brief overview of the type of support you’re looking for. One of the MarCloud experts will respond very soon!

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