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A Pardot audit is the first step in achieving true marketing serenity

Using our market-leading framework: B2BMA Nirvana by MarCloud, we'll review your account and provide constructive recommendations on where to focus, fix, and improve both your setup and activities. Then, if you're interested, we'll get you to a place where everything just works.

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Analysis and audit

The benefits of an audit

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Find activity gaps

A Pardot audit is perfect for understanding where you are in the journey to complete marketing and reporting harmony. Do you have broken data or sync errors? Are you qualifying and assigning prospects correctly? How is your tracking and reporting? We provide the answers to these questions and more.

Customer Journey

Create a Pardot roadmap

When you know where you stand on the path to marketing nirvana, and the places to focus to reach the highest state of Salesforce marketing automation, it's so much easier to make progress. Leave broken reports and awkward meetings behind by arranging an audit as the first step.

Pardot Coding

Correct technical errors

Technical issues such as sync errors, broken data, poor integration, coding errors, and incorrect rules can restrict what's possible in Pardot, as well as skewing reports in Salesforce and B2B Marketing Analytics (B2BMA). If there are problems with your account, we'll uncover them.

What’s included

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Technical setup & integration

We’ll check on your integration with Salesforce and any synchronisation issues that might be cropping up in the account. Sometimes these are somewhat hidden, so you may not even be aware of them or the issues they could be causing!

The team at MarCloud has provided us with a level of guidance and expertise that is unrivaled. They’ve saved me countless hours and, by avoiding an expensive hire, many dollars, too.

— Mike, Marketing Director, Kirkpatrick Price
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Campaign reporting & ROI tracking

Struggling to see how your campaigns are impacting return on investment? We'll review the key features and setup required in Pardot and Salesforce and highlight areas affecting your ability to create excellent, accurate reports, so you can confidently present to the C-suite.

What sets MarCloud apart from the very few other dedicated Marketing Cloud automation consultancies is their expert-level product knowledge and the fact that they are genuinely great to work with.

— Nicoll, Digital Marketing Manager, Bruntwood
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Structure & lead qualification

You need strong foundations for qualifying and assigning prospects, so our audit process includes a review of your lead qualification models and processes, along with any lead source and data issues.

MarCloud Consulting was the best solution for getting our company on track and compliant with EU-GDPR.

— Angela, Salesforce CRM Owner, Siemens Logistics

Ready to talk?

Send a message to our team of consultants, with a brief overview of the type of support you’re looking for. One of the MarCloud experts will respond very soon!

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