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Quiz: Are You Ready for Salesforce Data Cloud?

Salesforce Data Cloud is a customer data platform (CDP) that integrates with Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud out-of-the-box, which means it’s much easier to implement than other CDPs. Don’t mistake this to mean you can jump in and get setup right away though.

Coloured background with text Quiz: Are You Ready for Salesforce Data Cloud?

For new accounts, there is still a lot of groundwork to be done before you go connecting your platforms, whether they’re Salesforce or third-party. Rush into it and like any new software implementation, you can end up with problems caused by inaccurate data, unreliable analytics, and other issues with your existing platforms that corrupt your shiny, new tool.

On the positive side, if you’ve been following best practices in terms of:

  • Platform integration and syncing

  • Data collection

  • Database hygiene

  • Lead management

  • Campaign tracking and reporting

  • Marketing automation and customer journeys

  • Business Unit configuration (if relevant)

You should be set. 

If you’re unsure whether this is the case in your business…

Take the ‘Are You Ready for Salesforce Data Cloud?’ quiz online now.

It covers the crucial considerations for Sales Cloud, Account Engagement and Marketing Cloud that you should double-check before leaping into Data Cloud implementation. Simply select the platforms you’re currently using and answer the questions for those specific accounts.

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At the end of the quiz, you’ll get a clear answer. Either: 

  • Yes, you’re prepared, go forth and tap into the many features of Data Cloud.

  • No, you’re not quite ready yet, do some prep work before you implement.

It only takes five minutes, why not give it a go now?

Take the quiz!

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Cover with text Are You Ready for Salesforce Data Cloud?

Quiz: Are You Ready for Salesforce Data Cloud?

Before you can use Data Cloud with success, you need to know your Salesforce accounts and internal processes are set up correctly and will fuel your customer data analytics accurately. Take our free online quiz to find out whether your accounts are set up for success with Data Cloud.

Salesforce Data Cloud Quiz

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