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Reaching B2BMA Nirvana [Webinar Replay]

People want to be able to report on marketing success. It’s a simple ask, right? The potential to do that is great when you’re using a marketing automation tool like Account Engagement (Pardot) but it’s even easier when you follow the ‘B2BMA Nirvana by MarCloud’ framework.

Coloured background with text Reaching B2BMA Nirvana [Webinar Replay]

Introduced earlier this year, the official B2BMA Nirvana framework is relatively new but in reality, MarCloud consultants have been following this specific process to help clients reach a place where everything in their accounts just works, for years.

We like to think of it as guiding clients towards marketing and reporting harmony.

If you’re a struggling marketer taking broken reports or unreliable data to meetings, this best practice marketing and reporting framework will help you leave awkward presentations in the past.

In a nutshell, it’s the path to least resistance to get your reports sorted.

To explain the framework in more detail, our consultants ran a webinar covering every element of B2BMA Nirvana and how to make it work for you. If you missed the live session, hit play on the replay below and join Chris Thompson, Ollie Dodd, and Karen Kalejaiye as they cover:

  • Why B2B Marketing Analytics is such a valuable tool for marketing reports

  • Out-of-the-box dashboards in B2BMA

  • When customising reports becomes necessary

  • Common issues with collecting Lead Source and other essential data

  • The five stages of B2BMA Nirvana by MarCloud

  • Where to start with uncovering issues in your account setup

  • How to use lead scoring and grading in Account Engagement

  • Determining marketing-qualified leads

  • Challenges for reporting on pre-MQL data in Salesforce

  • Lead management and assignment best practices

  • Tracking customer touchpoints

  • Enhancing Salesforce Campaigns with UTM values

  • Maintaining a solid UTM structure for marketing success

  • Streamlining your inbound lead process

  • Setting up multi-touch attribution dashboards as your company needs them

  • A live Q&A

Watch the B2BMA Nirvana webinar replay

As you can see, there’s a lot of information included and with just 45 minutes to cover everything, the team barely delves into the many tips and tricks we can offer.

Still, our aim with this webinar is to ensure you first understand the various actions required to achieve a state of marketing serenity and to help you swot up on using B2B Marketing Analytics with Account Engagement and Sales Cloud for better marketing attribution. 

If, like many of those who joined us live, you’re interested in applying our framework to your accounts, your first best step is to request an audit. We’ll review your setup and tell you where you currently stand on the pathway to B2BMA Nirvana, along with the priority areas to focus on moving forward.

Chris Thompson

Chris Thompson

Chris is an experienced marketer and certified Pardot consultant. He's passionate about improving visibility for clearer marketing attribution, which in the world of Salesforce means aligning digital marketing strategy with the objects, tools and automations available within the Salesforce tech stack and beyond. His role at MarCloud is to support the Delivery Consultants in launching and managing client projects and campaigns, ensuring the best delivery and results.

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