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Save Time with a Solid Pardot Email Template Library

Imagine having a collection of Pardot email templates that can be easily edited. The team at MarCloud have a Pardot email template library, full of pre-built templates for the key campaigns that every Pardot B2B marketer needs.

Save Time with a Solid Pardot Email Template Library

This blog was written before Pardot was renamed to Marketing Cloud Account Engagement. You can read more about the name change and what it means here.

Imagine having a collection of Pardot email templates that are on brand, can be easily edited (without having to dive into the minefield of coding) and you are confident they have been thoroughly tested to withstand whatever quirks ESPs like Outlook or the Gmail app will throw at them!

The team at MarCloud have a Pardot email template library, full of pre-built templates for the key campaigns that every Pardot B2B marketer needs in their back pocket.

Not only will having a solid email template library help you manage your Pardot email marketing like a pro, it's also useful to help maintain an organised Pardot account!

Types of Pardot email templates

In a hurry? Skip to the email template type that most interests you:

Pardot event email template

One of our Pardot email templates designed for events and Webinars. See the full library here.


Whether you have an established content marketing strategy, or you are just getting started, you not only want to attract your target audience but retain them too.

A newsletter is a perfect way to stay front-of-mind with your prospects and customers, by providing them with valuable, relevant and consistent content. If you get this one right, you will have your audience looking forward to the next edition.

Top tip: Short on content? Don’t be afraid of including articles from other non-competing brands that will provide added value to your readers. For example, if your clients come to you for communication services, include alternative advice that will benefit their business, for example, top tips from your favourite marketing blog.

Thought Leadership

Although similar to content marketing, thought leadership is where your brand gets an opportunity to stand out. While both should provide value, the aim of this email is to include original insight and position your brand as one of the leaders in your field.

This email will focus on quality over quantity and is the type of content that is perfect to include in an Engagement Studio lead nurture program

Top tip: Word-of-mouth is free and incredibly valuable. Include the Pardot AddThis integration and encourage your readers to share your content. 

Event / Webinar

Not only is this an opportunity to let your audience know about an upcoming date for their diary, it’s also a chance to highlight the value of attending and why the recipient would not want to miss out. 

Timing is everything with this kind of email and you should aim to schedule more than one send. 

  1. Initial invite: Give the recipient plenty of time to clear their calendar.
  2. Registration follow up: This should be sent automatically and will ideally come from the prospect’s assigned user or account owner in the CRM.
  3. The third should be split in two: 
    1. Event reminder to non-responders: Another chance to boost attendance.
    2. Event reminder to confirmed attendees: A last-minute reminder in case the recipient hasn’t added the details to their calendar.
  4. Post-event: Your opportunity to thank those who attended and ask for valuable feedback, or attempt to re-engage those who didn’t attend.

Top tip: This is where Pardot really has the edge, by using a combination of Engagement Studio, Pardot Forms, Completion Actions and Custom Redirects you can boost the performance of your campaign with ease.


There are so many use cases for this template that there are too many to list! Whether you want to acknowledge a new enquiry or send details of a downloaded whitepaper, a follow-up email can work wonders.

This is the perfect opportunity to include additional content to move the prospect closer to converting to an MQL. However, always ensure that you are complying with the opt-in preference of the recipient.

Top tip: Create segmented Dynamic Lists to identify a prospect’s opt-in status. By doing this you can create a second operational email template without any additional marketing content and send the relevant template to each prospect.

Optimised Sales Email

Free up time for your sales team by creating templates and enabling them for one-to-one emails. This is a win-win situation as it makes life easier for your sales team and marketing also benefits from the reassurance that sales emails are on-brand, consistent and trackable.

Top tip: This template should be simple and look similar to an email that would be sent from an individual and don’t forget to include Handlebars Merge Language (HML).

Find a selection of the above email templates in our Pardot email template library. Or, for support setting up new processes to get the most out of your existing templates, our team is here to help – get in touch

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