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Pardot Releases: Introducing Pardot Premium & New Features

Not long ago, I published a blog about the MarCloud team’s favourite Pardot 2020 releases. Well, it’s likely I would have made the features of Pardot Premium number one in the list, had we known these were coming!

Pardot Releases: Introducing Pardot Premium & New Features

This blog was written before Pardot was renamed to Marketing Cloud Account Engagement. You can read more about the name change and what it means here.

Not long ago, I published a blog about the MarCloud team’s favourite Pardot 2020 releases. Well, it’s likely I would have made the features of Pardot Premium number one in the list, had we known these were coming! 

On 16th July 2020, Pardot announced that at the end of July, Pardot Premium edition would be released. They openly say that this drop has the newest technology that enables B2B marketers to successfully execute their ABM and lead generation strategies. From what we’ve seen, we would have to agree.

As part of the release, you may have seen the popup on your Pardot dashboard:

Pardot Premium notification

If you haven’t clicked it, the new features being released for Pardot Premium are:

So let’s explore these further… 

1. Pardot Business Units to help scale marketing teams globally 

Pardot Business Units is a big deal for larger organisations that operate across different geographical regions, different brands, or any other organisation segment. With the option to have 25 business units (or even more if requested), we can literally have separate databases within the one Pardot account.

If your account has multiple business units and many users creating marketing assets then this update to Business Snippets will allow you to more easily manage business content. 

Business Snippets can be used across one or many business units. Now, reusable content such as legal disclaimers, copyright information, will help to maintain a consistent brand message in all of your marketing assets communications. 

2. B2B Marketing Analytics Plus to take action on insights

B2B Marketing Analytics Plus included in Pardot Premium will feature more advanced built-in artificial intelligence (AI) for identifying campaign influence. 

The Account-Based Marketing and Marketing Campaign Intelligence apps help to explore data and with Einstein Discovery it will identify improvements. Meaning, not only will we get a better understanding of the performance of our past campaigns, but we will now also receive suggestions on what we can do next to maximise ROI at every stage of the funnel. 

How does the Account-Based Marketing App Dashboard work?

This dashboard allows us to find valuable information about our accounts and filters information from the four datasets:

  • ABM Opps
  • ABM Events
  • ABM Campaigns
  • ABM Contacts 

The main dashboard that comes with this app includes Top 10 values’ and Expected revenue amounts’. We can then use the Pipeline Dashboard, Accounts Dashboard and Closed Opportunity Dashboard to find the most valuable accounts. 

We can also use Einstein Discovery predictions within the App to predict future outcomes and ways in which we can improve these predicted outcomes. Find out how to set up predictions here

How does the Marketing Campaign Intelligence App work?

The Marketing Campaign Intelligence App allows us to explore sales and marketing dashboards and lenses - all to improve Sales and Marketing Alignment. Within the app, you can view prospect engagement data from Pardot, and campaign data from Salesforce.

Similar to the Account-Based Marketing App, we can create an Einstein Discovery story to see predictions and help improve prospect engagement.

Salesforce has put together a great video to show just how B2B Marketing Analytics Plus works.

3. Developer Sandboxes to deploy Pardot with confidence

Lightning Experience accounts with Pardot Advanced and Pardot Premium edition can now test, audit and configure Pardot - before going to live production.

In an isolated training environment, admins and developers can safely test Pardot. Not only does it provide the staging ground that developers need to make any configuration changes, but it ensures any performed operations in the Sandbox will not affect the production org. 

This developer Sandbox for Pardot is a Pardot Business Unit that is provisioned from a Salesforce Sandbox.

4. Premier Plus to blaze the trail to success - faster

As part of Pardot Premium, we can now access Premier Plus which is going to allow us to maximise the value of Pardot. 

At the touch of a button (so to say) we can now access a team of certified Salesforce experts, who provide guidance, support, and training post-implementation!

Pardot advises this release will boost productivity and free a team from day-to-day administration tasks, such as setting up users or creating reports, so that teams can focus on more strategic projects - and we certainly would have to agree! 

Well, there we have it! I hope this overview has given more context and got you excited. We are looking forward to seeing just how the Pardot Premium release is going to fit into the broader ecosystem. 

For us, the key highlight is having access to B2B Marketing Analytics Plus. This will allow full access to the complete analytics platform within Salesforce. Which is purposely built for marketers to understand campaigns and includes an ever-growing collection of intelligent marketing tools.

As always, if you have any questions or would like to discuss any features please get in touch.

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Chloe Prowse

Having worked with Salesforce products for 10+ years, Chloe is a certified consultant and marketing automation enthusiast with a varied background across martech, operations, and enterprise consulting. She loves meeting new people and sharing her knowledge to set them up for success, including matching MarCloud customers with the right service solutions. Passionate about ethical marketing, she'll find any excuse to talk about GDPR and compliance on the Salesforce platform.

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