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5 Reasons to Get Excited About Salesforce ‘Marketing GPT’

Salesforce is set to revolutionise the marketing automation world with its latest innovation - 'Marketing GPT.' What does this mean for Account Engagement (aka Pardot) marketers?

5 Reasons to Get Excited About Salesforce ‘Marketing GPT’

Salesforce is set to revolutionise the marketing automation world with its latest innovation - ‘Marketing GPT.' What does this mean for Account Engagement (aka Pardot) marketers? We explore what the technology offers and why the team at MarCloud is looking forward to using it.

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Whether feared or embraced, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming how marketing teams work - everything from content creation to personalisation is now being enhanced by AI. Not one to fall behind the tech curve, Salesforce’s groundbreaking new product ‘Marketing GPT’ is designed to make marketing campaigns smarter, more efficient, and ultimately more successful. 

For marketers using Salesforce products like Account Engagement, this is really exciting.

The power of AI in marketing

AI has already proven to be a game-changer in the marketing industry. It's all about harnessing data to make more informed decisions, predict customer behaviour, and automate routine tasks. Having AI capability is not new for Salesforce customers, we’ve had the ability to use Einstein features for years.

Salesforce's ‘Marketing GPT', though, takes AI-powered marketing to a whole new level by leveraging the capabilities of GPT-3.5, the latest iteration of OpenAI's renowned language model.

What is Salesforce ‘Marketing GPT’?

‘Marketing GPT' is an advanced AI tool developed by Salesforce, integrating GPT-3.5 into its Account Engagement platform. This integration allows users to tap into the immense potential of natural language processing, enabling us to create more personalised, engaging, and effective marketing campaigns.

We asked the specialists at MarCloud how this will help users and in a nutshell, it’s clear our clients’ lives are about to get a whole lot easier.

1. Hyper-personalisation

One of the standout features of Marketing GPT is its ability to generate highly personalised content at scale, which according to our Lead Consultant Chris Thompson, is going to save time and boost engagement through personalisation:

“Marketers can spend a lot of time crafting compelling email subject lines, tinkering with copy on display ads, or finding relevant product recommendations based on customer insights. But ‘Marketing GPT' can quickly analyse customer data to provide super-tailored messaging that is going to land with the prospect. This level of personalisation, and at rapid speed, can significantly boost customer engagement and conversion rates.” 

2. Enhanced customer insights

Marketing GPT is not just about creating content; it's also a powerful tool for analysing customer interactions. By processing and understanding customer feedback, reviews, and social media interactions, it can provide valuable insights into customer sentiment, enabling marketers to fine-tune their strategies and messaging for better results.

3. Improved campaign efficiency

Automation is at the core of Account Engagement functionality, and ‘Marketing GPT' takes this to the next level. According to our Lead Consultant Jonathan Chowdhury, this technology is going to streamline many of the data-driven yet manual tasks that fit into a marketer’s daily duties:

“We can spend hours with our heads in the data, pulling together lists of common qualities that a machine could probably identify in an instant. With Marketing GPT, we can now automate things like A/B testing, report building, and customer segmentation to free up valuable time for marketing teams to focus on strategy and creativity, rather than thankless repetitive tasks.”

4. Multi-channel marketing

Marketing GPT seamlessly integrates with various marketing channels, including email, social media, and web content. This ensures that your messaging remains consistent and cohesive across all touch points, enhancing the overall customer experience and brand perception.

5. Data-driven decision making

With Marketing GPT, data-driven decision-making becomes more accessible and actionable at each stage of the campaign. According to our Senior Lead Consultant Carl Mortimer, this real-time approach to learning is going to transform how marketers approach campaign refinement:

“Often, we see campaigns assessed on a monthly or even quarterly basis. But the AI-powered insights from Marketing GPT can guide marketers in optimising their campaigns, help make informed choices, and continuously improve their strategies based on real-time data that they’re confident in.”

The future of Account Engagement & Salesforce

Account Engagement users will find Marketing GPT to be a natural extension of their marketing automation toolkit. It seamlessly fits into the existing Account Engagement and Salesforce ecosystem, enhancing capabilities without requiring a steep learning curve. This means marketers can leverage the power of AI without having to overhaul existing workflows.

As the technology continues to improve, we’ve no doubt that it will increasingly empower users to create smarter and more successful campaigns, staying ahead of the competition in today's dynamic digital landscape. It's not just a tool; it's a catalyst for innovation and growth in how you market to customers, and how your marketing team works behind the scenes.

Excited? Salesforce has already released the Trailhead unit, full of opportunities and use cases.

Ready to use Marketing GPT as part of your campaign management and reporting processes? We’re here to help with strategy, support and technical setup, just get in touch.

Chris Thompson

Chris Thompson

Chris is an experienced marketer and certified Pardot consultant. He's passionate about improving visibility for clearer marketing attribution, which in the world of Salesforce means aligning digital marketing strategy with the objects, tools and automations available within the Salesforce tech stack and beyond. His role at MarCloud is to support the Delivery Consultants in launching and managing client projects and campaigns, ensuring the best delivery and results.

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