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Every year, you’ll invest a significant amount of resource into driving traffic to your website. Visitor numbers are important, but ultimately you need to convert them into paying customers. With the amount of time, effort and money you’re pumping into your acquisition campaigns you’ll want to make the most of every single prospect that arrives on your landing pages. It’s time to harness the power of Pardot retargeting using the Engagement Studio.

Make the most of every visitor

It’s not well known (yet), but prospects who have visited your landing page but didn’t convert can be targeted using Pardot’s Engagement Studio. When you build landing pages within Pardot, Engagement Studio will present additional functionality for exactly this type of purpose.

Imagine the scenario. You’ve sourced a great list of prospects and you’ve developed the perfect offer for them. Naturally, you send them an engaging email with a link to a landing page where they can purchase from you. You’ve built your landing page in Pardot so you’ll be able to automatically send prospects who complete your landing page into a customer list. But what about those who clicked through to the landing page but went away without converting? You want to do something better than bundling them together with those who didn’t respond at all. Fortunately, you have a trick up your sleeve.

Turning clickthroughs into conversions

Send those non-converters a HTML email with a really strong CTA through to a second landing page. This will be a different version of the first- perhaps it will be more condensed, or perhaps you’ve rewritten it to pre-empt some of their questions. Congratulations! You’ve just retargeted your prospects automatically through an email program.

You don’t need to worry that your customers might accidentally receive a prospecting email from you as well, because that list is automatically suppressed within the program!

Here’s how that process might look within the Engagement Studio canvas:

Pardot retargeting

This is a really simple example of how Pardot retargeting can be built into your programs, but you can create some really sophisticated campaigns with this tool. So get creative, the opportunities are endless!

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