Integrating your SaaS platform with Salesforce and Pardot

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Pardot Integration   •   Implementation

A visual diagram of the customer journey

The above illustration visualises the SaaS platform, Salesforce and Pardot systems architecture, including how prospects are nurtured, the bi-synchronous flow of data across systems and ROI reporting.

The benefits of taking this integrated approach:

  • Seamless communication between systems

  • Live data from customers who update their profile within their online account

  • Customer activities are logged in real-time across the whole infrastructure

  • Select data you would like to feed back into your proprietary software

  • Prospects and customers will only trigger automation relevant to their current stage in the buyer’s cycle

  • Reporting is accurate and in real-time

  • Removes any need to export & upload between systems

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Tom is a is a Salesforce Certified Pardot Consultant and has a passion for all things marketing automation. He's written blogs for and, featured in a Pardot e-book and hosted a webinar with Pardot on custom form templates and landing pages.

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