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What to Expect From Your Salesforce Consultant

April 8, 2021

What to Expect From Your Salesforce Consultant

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Engaging a Salesforce consultant is a great way to take the hassle out of understanding or fixing issues or concerns you may have with your Salesforce system, and to ensure you’re maximising the full use of your system.

Whether you’re already relying on a Salesforce consultant to help manage your Sales Cloud, Salesforce CRM, Salesforce Platform product, or you’re only just exploring the possibilities of what a consultant can offer, it can be difficult to know what you should be looking for. So how do you know what exactly you should expect from a Salesforce consulting service?

Perhaps you’re already working with a partner and you’re wondering if your current provider is providing the level of service you should be receiving.

In either case, here are at least four things you should always expect from your Salesforce consultant.

1. Personal guidance on your Salesforce setup

Help and support at any point in your Salesforce journey is vital, but none more so than when you’re at the beginning. When starting out on your Salesforce journey, it’s important you’re receiving advice from a Salesforce consultant that understands your business’ needs and functions well, so they can implement a setup process and structure that is fit for purpose.

The role of your Salesforce consultant during the implementation process should be to guide you through a successful Salesforce system implementation, that will minimise the potential for any hiccups along the way, and ensure your system is established with your business’ long term goals in mind.

Generic advice can be found online, the real value of a consultant is to have tailored, personalised advice that fits your circumstances.

2. Responsive, ongoing Salesforce support

Perhaps your Salesforce system is already established and you’re looking for additional support for day-to-day management and issues. Your Salesforce consultant should be able to provide support and advice to you no matter how new or established your Salesforce system is.

While help with the initial Salesforce setup is key to a smooth start for your business’ marketing or sales functionality, it’s also useful to consider a Salesforce consultant that is committed to being available to you beyond just initial implementation.

Regardless of what your specific needs are, working with a Salesforce consultant that has a dedicated and easy-to-use project management system means you can effortlessly raise any question, query, or issue when you need to. 

A fluid, responsive and agile system of communication is a vital part of any comprehensive and ongoing support.

3. Second-to-none technical expertise

The right technical skill and know-how is a no-brainer when it comes to choosing a Salesforce consultant you can rely on. It’s important that your consultant can expertly identify, resolve, or advise on technical issues you may experience at any point in your Salesforce journey. 

For this reason, you’ll want to choose somebody who specialises in this particular software. Some agencies and consultants may have a broad understanding of many CRM and marketing automation tools but not the truly deep know-how needed for Salesforce specifically.

Technical support includes – but is not limited to – integration and configuration assistance with any of your core applications, resolving any unexpected or seemingly inexplicable system errors, and identifying additional ways that you can improve on your current system setup.

4. Salesforce consultants certified by Salesforce

It goes without saying that if you’re looking for a Salesforce consultant that you can trust, it’s best to seek out a consulting service that is an accredited Salesforce Partner, with consultants that are certified Salesforce Administrators.

This way, you’ll know you’re in good hands with qualified experts in Salesforce system management who know what they’re doing.

MarCloud Sales Cloud consulting services

We focus on B2B marketing automation solutions end-to-end – whether it’s Sales Cloud, Pardot or B2B Marketing Analytics – we can help with any important parts of your business’ marketing and/or sales operations.

As an accredited Salesforce Partner, MarCloud offers Sales Cloud consulting services that are designed to provide you with tailored and agile support in the ways you most need it, whether that’s via a bank of hours, time and materials or project-based. 

Our consulting improves the way you use your Salesforce system, from initial implementation to day-to-day management and more.

What’s more, we’re Pardot experts too and given many B2B companies using Salesforce also use Pardot as their chosen automation software, we can help with both platforms simultaneously; ensuring your integration and syncs are functioning as they should be, plus more.

Learn more about our Salesforce consulting services here and get in touch if you’d like a more personalised discussion about your current needs.

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