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Infographic: Getting To Know the Pardot Lifecycle Report

Need help understanding the Pardot Lifecycle Report? Wondering; what is a Pardot MQL? How does Pardot define a SQL? Get up to speed with the different lifecycle stages with this helpful, free infographic from MarCloud.

Infographic: Getting To Know the Pardot Lifecycle Report

This blog was written before Pardot was renamed to Marketing Cloud Account Engagement. You can read more about the name change and what it means here.

The Pardot Lifecycle Report is a marketers dream when it comes to reporting because it combines both marketing and sales reports. As long as you have Salesforce configured and being used correctly, then you'll benefit from some extremely useful statistics. This includes a breakdown of visitor/prospect stage in the funnel, velocity chart showing the average transition time in each stage and you'll be able to see a list of individual prospects in these stages.

Now, we all know what a marketing qualified lead is. But, what is a Pardot MQL? How does Pardot define a SQL?

Take a look at the infographic we created below to find out what it all means:

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Pardot infographic lifecycle report

Text version:

Pardot Terminology Fact Sheet -The Lifecycle Report

The Pardot lifecycle report is incredibly powerful. The definitions below help you to understand this report.


Understanding Pardot

If you're going to utilise marketing automation and ensure it drives growth for your business, you will need to understand Pardot's terminology so that you can translate all of the data into meaningful information. This fact sheet is designed to be a quick reference guide that helps you understand what's going on in your platform.


A visitor is an anonymous person who visits your site. Whenever a reference is made to a visitor, it means that you aren't aware of them yet. The ‘Identified Companies' section on your dashboard shows the companies that Pardot has recognised based on IP. Tip: Pardot will retain web history for up to a year for all visitors. This means that Pardot can recognise when a visitor checks a page in January and converts in December, for example.


Prospects are people who you have identified and have stored in Pardot. There are three ways a prospect may reveal themselves. The first is when a visitor completes a form on your website and is then converted into a prospect with all of the updated information. The second is to have the prospect information stored in Pardot already, an email is sent to them which they open and subsequently their browser is cookied. The final way a prospect is created is via Salesforce when a lead or contact is created or updated.


Also known as a ‘Marketing Qualified Lead'. In Pardot terms, a MQL is a prospect who would typically be nurtured within Pardot and has consequently been assigned to someone in sales. As soon as the prospect is assigned to a user the MQL status is triggered and reflected in the lifecycle report.


You guessed it… It's a ‘Sales Qualified Lead'. When a CRM user creates an opportunity and associates it to a lead or contact, this will sync back to Pardot and update the reports to show the prospect becoming a SQL. To put it another way, SQL's are triggered when a MQL has an opportunity associated to it.

Won Deals

Being able to clearly demonstrate the revenue generated from marketing over a given time period is the nirvana for marketers. Any opportunity that is marked as won in Salesforce will feed back into Pardot and will enable you to attribute marketing campaigns to revenue generated. This helps marketing teams to justify new campaigns, request more budget and clearly identify the most profitable channels.


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