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How To Embed Dynamic Content On Your Website

Pardot's dynamic content is super useful for emails and form thank you content but did you know you can use it on your website too? Watch our video on how to use Pardot dynamic content on your website.

How To Embed Dynamic Content On Your Website

This blog was written before Pardot was renamed to Marketing Cloud Account Engagement. You can read more about the name change and what it means here.

Pardot's dynamic content is super useful for emails and form thank you content but did you know you can use it on your website too?

We've filmed a really short illustrative demo of how you can do this and it's really easy:

  1. Create your dynamic content
  2. Copy the Pardot auto-generated javascript
  3. Paste it where you want it to appear on your website
  4. Test
  5. Enjoy a website that is optimised for conversions!

Watch how-to embed dynamic content video

Why use dynamic content on your website?

The crux of a successful website is whether it speaks directly to the visitor about their needs, interests and goals.

In the same way we tailor our email copy to specific segments of our prospect database, based on a key piece of information we know about them like their job function, company industry, or location, we should be tailoring our web content.

The more relevant and aligned a web page is to our preferences, the more likely we are to stay on that web page and continue browsing. Even more importantly, we're more likely to feel affinity for that brand because what they communicate resonates with us.

Naturally, those brands that we trust to meet our needs are the ones we buy from.

Dynamic content then, is how we deliver positive website experiences that meet the varying needs of a range of potential customers.

Ideas for your website

The first thing you'll want to do before you start implementing dynamic content, is consider how you segment your audience to make your content as relevant to them as it can be.

Where are the differences in your customers' needs?

This might be based on demographic behaviour, perhaps something as simplistic as showing different services or pricing for prospects in different countries.

Or, it could be based on behavioural data you have about prospects who have already entered your CRM. For example, if you know that a certain prospect has downloaded an eBook about a particular pain point, you might want to display that service front and centre when they next visit your site.

When used strategically, dynamic content can be a hugely powerful way to meet your prospects expectations and encourage them in their journey to becoming a customer.

Here are just a handful of possibilities:

  • Feature blog tiles based on indicated interests/pain points
  • Link to content pieces that are directly relevant to the job function of the prospect
  • Show different buttons to prospects interested in different products
  • Show discounts and offers based on location or industry
  • Show a direct phone number for high-quality prospects
  • Scripts (yes, we can load custom scripts for certain prospects! e.g. popup form / Live Chat)

In theory, you could make your entire website dynamic and have a completely tailored experience for everyone!

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Ready to get started with dynamic content? Don't forget to make a plan before you start making changes, especially if you want to become really sophisticated with your tactics! For any questions or support, as always, feel free to contact us.

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