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Why Use the Analytics Studio Built-In Learning Centre?

On your Tableau CRM Analytics Studio dashboard, you may have noticed the in-app assistance under the Learning Centre tab. This blog shares exactly what the Analytics Learning Centre is and which content may benefit you!

Why Use the Analytics Studio Built-In Learning Centre?

On your Tableau CRM Analytics Studio dashboard, you may have noticed the in-app assistance under the Learning Centre tab.

Screenshot of the learning centre tab in analytics studio

If you and your team aren’t aware that this is included with Analytics Studio, don’t worry! This blog shares exactly what the Analytics Learning Centre is and which content may benefit you in getting more familiar with the capabilities of Analytics Studio.

Analytics studo learning centre screenshot

Why use the Analytics Studio built-in Learning Centre?

What is the Learning Centre?

To make the app user-friendly, the Learning Centre is, unsurprisingly, a hub of learning materials. 

It hosts a range of resources that help educate users on the content you’ll find in Analytics Studio. This will be super beneficial for users who you provide Analytics Studio access to but who have no idea on how to use this platform most effectively.

Overview of the features

Below I have detailed the key features the MarCloud Consulting tea, has found most beneficial with our learning on Tableau CRM and the Analytics Studio.

Screenshot of learning on Tableau CRM and the Analytics Studio.

1. Training videos

Rather than trailing through documentation online, users can easily access the video playlists for information on all areas of Tableau CRM (Analytics Studio). Videos include how to navigate the home page, getting familiar with basic dashboard operations, sharing dashboards and more. 

Once the users get more comfortable with Analytics Studio, I highly recommend they watch the Einstein Analytics Explorer Series’ videos. These videos show us how to uncover data insights using conversational queries, compare tables and SAQL editor, and so much more! 

screenshot of salesforce help window for salesforce tableau crm

 2. Einstein Analytics Learning Map

The Einstein Analytics Learning Map gives you a list of key resources for every stage of your Analytics journey. As Salesforce has so many resources out there, they have pulled together a user-friendly learning map to make it easier to get the answers right where and when you need them. Much easier than trailing through documentation!

This map is a great visual in seeing where you can go with Tableau CRM and seeing the resources for each stage of your journey. 

Screenshot of tableau CRM learning map

Access the Einstein Analytics Learning Map from the Learning Center and help menus, or go directly to:

 3. See in-app examples

The Tableau CRM Learning Adventure app allows you to view best practice examples for using the Analytics Studio. From seeing how to display data in a visually pleasing way, to seeing the JSON used to build each dashboard and getting a better understanding of bindings (the code behind visuals). 

To add the Learning Adventure App for your users make sure you have the Manage Analytics Templated Apps’ permission set, then click the Create button and select App and select Learning Adventure’. Any user with the permission set Use Analytics Templated Apps’ can then access the Learning Adventure App to get them more familiar with the platform.

in-app example screenshot

 4. Trailhead learning

Easily access the Trailheads to learn more about Tableau CRM and the Analytics Studio. Here you can access the correct Trailheads to enhance your learning and you can even sign up and access the special Tableau CRM-enabled Developer Edition org to help! You’ll also earn more badges for your Trailhead profile which is a benefit in itself! 

screenshot of trailhead learning menu

5. New releases

screenshot of what is new in winter 2021 releases

Access the new features documentation from the latest Salesforce release with ease! 

Straight from the Learning Centre we can access official Salesforce documentation on new Tableau CRM features. Not only will this keep you up to date with the latest developments but you can access video tutorials on how the feature will enhance your dashboards and reporting.

I hope the resources within the Analytics Learning Centre get you more confident with this amazing platform but if you do have any questions, please reach out to the team here at MarCloud Consulting!

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Chloe Prowse

Having worked with Salesforce products for 10+ years, Chloe is a certified consultant and marketing automation enthusiast with a varied background across martech, operations, and enterprise consulting. She loves meeting new people and sharing her knowledge to set them up for success, including matching MarCloud customers with the right service solutions. Passionate about ethical marketing, she'll find any excuse to talk about GDPR and compliance on the Salesforce platform.

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