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Checklist: Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Landing Pages & Email Best Practices

May 27, 2022

Free download: Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Landing Pages and Email Best Practices Checklist

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The way you use Marketing Cloud Account Engagement’s (formerly Pardot) Landing Page Builder, Email Builder, or even custom coding your own templates, can make a world of difference to how you reach and engage with prospects.

Here at MarCloud, we’ve worked with many different businesses looking to make the most of these assets to elevate their marketing and nurture activity, increase leads, and secure more conversions. In fact, it’s one of the most common things we help clients with!

Often, part of the problem lies in understanding the differences between whether or not they should use Account Engagement’s Builder features, or rely on custom code to create their landing pages or emails. Even then, they often feel unsure if whichever method they’re using is effective and to standard.

To help simplify this process and keep you on track throughout the development process, we’ve put together a handy (and free) downloadable checklist for you to use!

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Read on to find out more about what’s included on the checklist, and how it can help ensure you build effective landing pages and emails in Account Engagement.

What is the Best Practices for Development Checklist?

Before you get to the fun part of checking things off your list, you’ll find a simple table synthesising information about the differences and similarities between the respective Account Engagement Builder options, and custom coding.

Say you want to create a landing page, for example. Before you begin the development process you can use the table to first determine whether you’d prefer to use (or should use) the Account Engagement Landing Page Builder, or custom code.

Once you’ve created your landing page using the chosen method, you can then use the checklist to review your work and ensure it meets best practice techniques and methods.

Free download

Even if you’re familiar with Account Engagement’s Landing Page Builder, Email Builder, or how to custom code, having a checklist nearby that clearly and explicitly breaks down everything you need to keep in mind is a super useful resource to have.

After all, we’re sure you’ve got more important things to worry about on your landing page and email-building journey!

Download your copy of the Best Practices for Development Checklist here.

We’ve created this checklist to complement our Best Practices for Developing Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Emails & Landing Pages eBook, which you can also download here.

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