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Free Marketing Cloud AMPscript Cheatsheet

Drag-and-drop email and content builder blocks can only take you so far. To achieve more, you’ll need to use AMPscript for Marketing Cloud.

Free Marketing Cloud AMPscript Cheatsheet

Marketing Cloud can achieve pretty much any marketing goal you require of it. However, the standard drag-and-drop email and content builder blocks can only take you so far. To achieve more complex requirements, you’ll need to use AMPscript.

What is AMPscript?

Simply put, AMPscript is a scripting language that is used in Marketing Cloud to format emails, landing pages, and SMS in a particular way, or to achieve a unique function. It is code, written by developers, that allows marketers to serve up content to visitors and subscribers in the most personalised and effective way possible.

Just a small snippet of AMPscript code can be massively powerful in helping you achieve your goals, particularly when the use case is a little complex.

Where does AMPscript go in Marketing Cloud?

AMPscript belongs in the HTML of whichever creative asset you’re building, be it an email template, landing page, or form. 

You can manage all of your HTML content in ‘Content Builder’, by editing the content blocks of your asset and using the ‘Free form’ option to add inline AMPscript.

What types of AMPscript are usually needed?

Naturally, every business has its own unique requirements for AMPscript but luckily for you, we work with a lot of Marketing Cloud accounts. This means we’ve witnessed similar queries and requirements crop up time and again. 

We also know that writing scripting language is a specialist skill that many general marketing users don’t have. There’s a lot to consider i.e. ensuring the correct syntax. Which is essentially the reason clients use us to do the hard work for them.

Nonetheless, we have this habit of giving away secrets for free! We’re happy to provide solutions and guides for common Marketing Cloud (and other Salesforce platform) problems because it demonstrates our expertise and means that when the day comes for you to work with a certified Marketing Cloud partner, MarCloud will be a clear choice.

This is why our team of expert developers has combined the most popular AMPscript code snippets we use into a single document, that you can have, totally free!

The AMPscript code snippets cheatsheet

Within this cheatsheet, you’ll find tried-and-tested code snippets that can be copied and pasted into your own Marketing Cloud account, quickly and easily.

They enable you to:

  • Pre-fill a form from URL parameters
  • Create email links with expiration dates
  • Add an expiration date to a Cloud Pages landing page
  • Debug AMPscript
  • Include the current date in a recipient’s timezone
  • Get HTML content from the web for emails and landing pages
  • Retrieve information from a Data Extension
  • Send abandoned cart emails
  • Use one email template to support multiple brands 

For each code snippet, we’ve included an example of why you might want to use it, so even if you don’t think you need a particular piece of AMPscript when you download the cheatsheet you might find yourself full of ideas on how to use each one for your own marketing agenda!

Download the ‘AMPscript Code Snippets for Marketing Cloud Cheatsheet’.

Find yourself stuck or have a question, MarCloud is here to help. Send us a message and we’ll be in touch.

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Kumar Gurrampalli

Kumar’s working day involves end-to-end Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement implementations & API integrations. Typical tasks include requirement gathering, solution design, testing, implementation, and overseeing the development. He’s quality-focused and always gives best-in-class solutions to clients.

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Cover with text AMPscript Code Snippets for Marketing Cloud

AMPscript Code Snippets for Marketing Cloud

Our genius MarCloud developers have combined the most commonly requested AMPscript code snippets into one document. Simply download, then copy and paste into your own account for fast solutions. Download the cheatsheet today and take your marketing to the next level.

Download AMPscript Code Snippet Cheatsheet

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