An Epic Example of Pardot Dynamic Content for Blogs

March 10, 2021

Dynamic Blog

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Just for fun, we’ve created a blog that’s entirely made of Pardot dynamic content.

As a word of warning, this is terrible for SEO but it’s a cool way to show you all how we can use one form with progressive profiling to build out your prospect’s profile.

Fill in the form below to choose which blog content you want to see and watch it dynamically update! 

If the form doesn’t load, please make sure you’re using this link which clears the cache:

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Tom Ryan

Tom is a Salesforce Certified Pardot Consultant & Marketing Cloud Consultant and has a passion for how systems work. He's written blogs for Pardot.com and MarketingProfs.com, featured in a Pardot e-book and hosted a webinar with Pardot on custom form templates and landing pages. He also uses (brackets) and ,commas, where (brackets) and ,commas, should not be used. A lot.

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