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What is B2B Marketing Analytics Plus?

January 17, 2023

What is B2B Marketing Analytics Plus?

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Pardot Analytics • B2B Marketing Analytics

When it comes to reporting with Pardot (now formally known as MCAE), there are so many useful analytics features. One we like to rave about is B2B Marketing Analytics (B2BMA); an Einstein analytics app that combines Pardot and Salesforce data in one place using the Salesforce Connector. B2B Marketing Analytics is included in Pardot Plus, Pardot Advanced, and Pardot Premium editions. It’s available to Pardot Growth users as a paid add-on.

What some users don’t realise though, is that there is a superior version of B2B Marketing Analytics available too: B2B Marketing Analytics Plus.

B2BMA versus B2BMA Plus

The main difference between the two apps is that B2B Marketing Analytics Plus includes predictive analytics, with powerful additional apps ‘Account-Based Marketing’ and Marketing ‘Campaign Intelligence’. 

The Account-Based Marketing dashboard estimates pipeline, revenue, and ‘Top 10’ values for individual prospect accounts. It’s a fast way to see account-focused metrics, from which you can dive into individual prospect records, and is ideal for businesses approaching customer acquisition with target accounts rather than mass lead generation campaigns.

Screenshot of the Account-Based Marketing app for B2BMA

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Marketing Campaign Intelligence, on the other hand, combines campaign engagement data from both Pardot and Salesforce and allows you to use Einstein Discovery to find opportunities to improve marketing and sales activity. What’s really great about this app is that it enables you to filter down to selected accounts, campaigns, timeframes, and even Business Units.

Dashboard of the Marketing Campaign Intelligence app

Image source: Salesforce

Besides these new dashboards, within the B2BMA Plus app, you’ll have full access to predictive modelling using the Einstein platform, completely out-of-the-box. You can use readymade dashboards or create your own.

Who can access B2B Marketing Analytics Plus?

The Plus version of B2B Marketing Analytics is available to those with Salesforce Enterprise, Unlimited, and Developer Editions along with Pardot (Account Engagement) Premium Edition. However, you can also get B2BMA Plus by purchasing it as a paid add-on.

It’s most suited to businesses that are ready to take reporting to the next level and start digging into predictive analytics for improved marketing and sales efforts. Usually, these are enterprise-level companies but any sophisticated business with mature marketing and sales processes that already uses the standard B2B MA app can benefit from the upgrade.

Besides having the right edition/add-on to access B2BMA Plus, there are a few other requirements. These are:

  • Data Sync must be turned on for Pardot objects, in order to send data to the apps.
  • You have to be using Customizable Campaign Influence.
  • The Account-Based Marketing App requires a minimum of 400 closed/won Opportunities.
  • Marketing Campaign Intelligence App requires a minimum of 400 engagement activities for completed or in-progress campaigns.
  • Some dashboard widgets require that you use Opportunity Contact Roles (OCRs), or else you won’t see any data populating.

You’ll also need to ensure you (and any users that should have access) have the right permissions:

  • To enable the app, you’ll need ‘Customize Application’ permissions. 
  • Those who need to create/customise any dashboards or apps within the B2BMA platform should have B2B Marketing Analytics Plus Admin permissions.
  • Users who simply need to be able to view analytics but not configure them in any way, need B2B Marketing Analytics Plus permissions.

Ready to use B2B Marketing Analytics Plus?

Assuming you meet the Pardot and Salesforce edition requirements or have purchased the app as an add-on, you can follow the instructions from Salesforce to get started.

If you become stuck at any point or prefer to implement things with the help of a certified platform expert, we’re here to help! We offer Pardot support and consulting for one-off projects just like this.

Need customised dashboards? Seeing sync issues? Want to ensure your analytics are one hundred percent accurate? We can tell you exactly how to correct any issues, or do it for you! Get in touch for a chat in the first instance and let’s take it from there.

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