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[eBook] Account Engagement Landing Page & Email Development Best Practices

May 27, 2022

[eBook] Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Landing Page & Email Development Best Practices

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Account Engagement • Best Practice

Historically, Marketing  Cloud Account Engagement (formerly Pardot) users have relied on coding or developer experience to effectively create landing pages and emails. However, with the introduction of Account Engagement’s Landing Page Builder and Email Builder, this is no longer the case.

While custom coding is still, of course, an option, some clients don’t always know the differences and benefits between using Account Engagement’s designated Builder feature and custom coding, how to make the most of each option, and what they should keep in mind when using either one.

If everything just mentioned sounds like something you’ve been pondering yourself, then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve put everything we know about Account Engagement landing pages and emails into one place, with our Best Practices for Developing Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Emails & Landing Pages eBook.

What’s in the eBook?

The eBook is made up of two main sections: developing emails and developing landing pages. Within each section, you’ll find a guide explaining the differences between Account Engagement’s Builder feature (i.e. Email Builder or Landing Page Builder) or custom coding, which method you should use depending on what your objectives are, and best practice tips to keep in mind during the development phase.

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At a glance, here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • Introduction
  • Developing landing pages in Account Engagement
    • Landing Page Builder vs custom code
    • Best practices
      • Messaging
      • Responsive 
      • Design
      • Forms
  • Developing emails in Account Engagement
    • Email Builder vs custom code
    • Best practices
      • Components of an email send
      • Responsive vs stacked
      • Design
      • Images
      • Links
      • Dark mode
      • Bulletproof bullets
      • Locking down sections
      • Testing
      • GDRP compliance
  • Where to buy Pardot templates
  • Pardot templates library

Did you know you can also access custom and editable templates to help make your landing page and email development process even easier? The eBook includes information on custom templates, why they’re useful, and where to find them.

Free download: Get the eBook

The Best Practices for Developing Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Emails & Landing Pages eBook is a short but comprehensive guide that will make a handy addition to your resource repertoire – even if you’re well-versed with how to build effective Account Engagement emails and landing pages!

So if you’re looking for an Account Engagement landing page and email guide that is easy to digest and just as easy to implement, then this is for you.

Download your copy of the eBook here.

We’ve also got a handy Best Practices for Development: Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Landing Pages & Emails Checklist to use alongside your eBook, which you can download here.

Got a question about how to make the most of Marketing Cloud Account Engagement emails and landing pages for your business? We’re here to help! You can contact us for support any time.

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