Marketing Cloud & MCAE (Pardot) Resources

Use the resources below to learn more about Marketing Cloud, including Account Engagement (powered by Pardot), with expert guides, tips, and tricks that will help you use your systems with best practice and for great results.

Pardot email marketing checklist

Essential Pardot Email Marketing Checklist

When it comes to email marketing, there isn’t much room for error, yet staying on top of everything that needs to be considered is a lot of mental load! That’s why we’ve created a simple and printable Pardot email marketing checklist, that can be completed digitally every time you send a new campaign.


Cover of the Expert's Guide to Great Pardot Email Marketing

Expert’s Guide to Great Pardot Email Marketing

If you find the process of planning, creating, and sending emails in Pardot overwhelming or too time-consuming, this ebook is for you because understanding everything you need to know and do to ensure successful and effective email marketing activity is no easy feat.


Cover of the Pardot Marketing Calendar

Pardot Marketing Calendar

The Pardot Marketing Hygiene Calendar is a readymade tool that helps B2B marketers stay on top of their account organisation, in turn, saving time and the headaches of an unruly account. It’s best used in conjunction with our free eBook: How to Organise Your Pardot Account Like a Pro.


How to Organise Pardot Account Cover

Organise Your Pardot Account Like a Pro

Tidying your Pardot account is step one in making your life easier, saving time and increasing return on marketing investment! Here you’ll find a complete guide to organising your Pardot account like a pro – whether you’re working with a new implementation or a mature account that’s in a bit of a mess.


Pardot Scoring & Grading Worksheet

The Pardot Grading & Scoring Worksheet is a practical tool that marketers can use to figure out the answers to their Scoring and Grading model. It’s best used in conjunction with our B2B Marketer’s Handbook: Pardot Grading & Scoring That Works.


Pardot Scoring & Grading for B2B

This handbook gives a straightforward explanation of Pardot grading and scoring. It outlines default versus custom models and provides a basic understanding of lead qualification. If you’ve ever wondered what the difference is between grading and scoring, we cover it.


Pardot naming convention builder cover

Pardot Naming Convention Builder

We’ve created a nice, easy-to-use Pardot naming convention builder that will help you define a much better structure in organising your assets and files within your account. Simply choose your asset, fill in the fields, copy and paste into Pardot!


Pardot Health Checker

Answer our 5 Pardot health check questions to find out how well you’re using Pardot and identify opportunities to make improvements! You don’t know what you don’t know, which is why it’s important to check in with the experts.


Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Development best practices cover

Account Engagement Landing Page & Email Development Best Practices

To help you develop emails and landing pages as seamlessly and effectively as possible, we’ve put together a free eBook to act as your go-to guide when you need it.


Account Engagement email and landing pages checklist

Checklist: Account Engagement Landing Pages & Email Best Practices

Our Best Practices for Development: Account Engagement Landing Pages & Emails Checklist is designed to clearly and explicitly outline everything you need to keep in mind.


How to Qualify Leads eBook

When it comes to taking your marketing and sales efforts up a notch, it’s vital to understand different types of leads, how to define and qualify them, and why it matters! Our ‘How to Qualify Leads’ eBook explains exactly that.


B2B Lead Grading Calculator

We’ve created a Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Grading Calculator so you can play around with the criteria that make up your Grading profiles, allowing you to tweak and change them before setting them up in your account.


eBook cover Master Pardot Engagement Studio

Master Pardot Engagement Studio

Want to become a master user of Engagement Studio? We’ve saved you the blood, sweat and tears of learning how to make the most of Engagement Studio so you can jump right in and start building logical, effective engagement programs faster.


Cover of Engagement Studio Examples PDF against a white background

Engagement Studio Examples PDF

Keen to make the most of Engagement Studio but don’t know where to start? While Engagement Studio is a super versatile MCAE (aka Pardot) feature, there’s sometimes a lot to get your head around, particularly when trying to put it all into practice.


Green background with text The Champion's Guide to Measuring ROI in Pardot

Champion’s Guide to Measuring ROI

In our ‘Champion’s Guide to Measuring ROI in Pardot’ eBook, you’ll find a detailed checklist with all the steps you need to take to fully track and report on marketing attribution and return on investment.



Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Beginner’s Guide to Data Extensions

We know from experience that Data Extensions are not always the friendliest Marketing Cloud tool – they can confuse both experts and beginners alike! Our ‘Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Beginner’s Guide to Data Extensions’ eBook will demystify any confusion around Data Extensions and how to use them.


Salesforce Marketing Cloud Glossary for Marketers snippet

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Glossary

Even the most experienced Marketing Cloud users won’t always remember every single phrase or term! So, we’ve compiled an A-Z list of definitions you can download to your desktop or print out for your office wall – whichever way works best for you!


Explained: Automation Studio vs Journey Builder

Explained: Automation Studio vs. Journey Builder

To continue on our mission to help make your Pardot experience as valuable as possible, we’ve created an eBook all about Automation Studio and Journey Builder – what they are, what they do, and how to use them! Download your copy.


Automation Studio vs Journey Builder cheatsheet

Cheat Sheet: Automation Studio vs. Journey Builder

Our Automation Studio vs. Journey Builder Cheat Sheet is the perfect resource to keep on hand for a quick scan when you need it – and takes about as long to read as it does to fill up your third cup of coffee!


Cover page of the Connecting Customer Journeys with Marketing Cloud Engagement eBook

Connecting Customer Journeys with Marketing Cloud Engagement

From mapping your typical customer journey to understanding which Marketing Cloud Engagement products are right for your business, this handbook is a fast guide to strategic automated marketing that connects with the customer at each stage of their purchase journey.