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If you’re looking for Pardot support to lean on as and when you need to, then you’re in the right place.

We’re certified Pardot specialists who work in Pardot day in, day out which means we know what we’re doing. We regularly see businesses invest in Pardot and it’s sat there not doing much, maybe the occasional email send.

User frustration is common. What may take you 2 hours and a couple of swear words, might take us 15 minutes.

This is why we offer flexible Pardot support options.

Depending on the package that suits you, we can proactively optimise your Pardot account, suggest enhancements, help develop the marketing automation strategy and keep on top of Salesforce releases.

The goal is to free up your time so we can worry about the complexities of automation and implement a best practice solution, whilst you focus on the overall marketing strategy.

View us as the marketing operations extension of your team!

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MarCloud agile approach to Pardot Campaign Management

Consulting and campaign management



While you might retain the bulk of the work in-house, stretched resources can sometimes mean you require an expert team who can build a strategic marketing automation strategy for your business.

As a team of marketers, not just automation pros, we can provide consulting on both the strategy and technical side of things.

Safe in the knowledge that all of your systems are working together correctly, and with a strategic plan in place, you can launch Campaigns confident that they’ll deliver results.

We can even manage one-off Campaign projects for you, where we map and build Campaigns from beginning to end.


B2B Marketing Analytics Configuration


With Pardot, tracking ROI doesn’t need to be difficult. 

For users with Pardot Plus, Pardot Advanced or Pardot Premium we can help set up B2B Marketing Analytics and start creating custom dashboards with interactive reports using Pardot and Salesforce data. 

This powerful reporting tool with shining a light on your marketing activities so you can prove ROI, understand where the best Leads are coming from and identify key accounts with absolute ease. 

We can also help with campaign influence and multi-touch campaign attribution modelling to show ROI across different campaign touchpoints. Even better, those using Einstein Analytics can harness the power of AI to assist in these beautiful reports! 

Drop us a message, we love to talk about how to set this up. 

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Flexible Options for Pardot Support & Consulting


Ideal for clients who:

  • Need quick ad-hoc support on demand
  • Want a team to proactively optimise Pardot throughout the year
  • Lack internal expertise
  • See the long-term goals for the marketing automation strategy
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Ideal for clients who:

  • Have expertise in-house and need a helping hand with best practice
  • Know roughly the amount of support needed
  • Are limited by budget

Consistent, Responsive Pardot Support & Consulting

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“The team at MarCloud has provided us with a level of guidance and expertise that is unrivaled. Whether wrestling with native support, or trying to hunt down solutions through Google searches and video tutorials, we were always unsatisfied with results and we really were unable to tap into Pardot’s full capabilities. With MarCloud’s help, though, we’ve been able to get caught up on best practices, and we’re already seeing results. No matter the question we have, the team has a solution. They’ve saved me countless hours and, by avoiding an expensive hire, many dollars, too. On top of that, they’re patient, fun to work with, and super understanding. If your business needs Pardot to thrive, and if you’re anything less than a Pardot/Salesforce wizard, MarCloud can help you!”

Mike | Marketing Director at Kirkpatrick Price


“We have been working with MarCloud Consulting for over six months and have been delighted with how efficient and professional all requests have been dealt with. Our Pardot & Salesforce integration has come on leaps and bounds with MarCloud guiding us through. Excellent service.”

Abby Squire | Head of Marketing at Smart Group

Smart Group ltd Pardot Support

As our organization’s marketing department grew and our campaigns become more robust, we desperately needed to incorporate a marketing automation system. With a stale Pardot instance at our disposal, we needed strategic and hands-on expertise to help us map both a long-term and short-term strategy for optimizing Pardot and implementing it alongside our existing sales funnel and processes.

Within the first week of partnering with MarCloud, they felt like an extension of our team and were just as invested in the success of this project as we were. They keep even the smallest details/nuances about your organization in mind, are thoughtful and proactive in recommending steps to future proof our systems, and always offer solutions to any challenges we face. I can always count on Jake and Tom to keep track of the details, keep us on course, and consider the implications of every decision that is made.”

Mackenzie | Director of Demand Generation at eGym

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