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Pardot Implementation Packages

We’ve kept things simple with 2 Pardot implementation packages to choose from.

The 7 Day Remote Quick Start package is ideal for those who just want to get set up right away, starting on the front foot with a beautifully configured system. By the end of this implementation, you’ll be able to start building marketing campaigns right away.

The14 Day Remote Comprehensive package goes a step further and adds in strategic mapping of the customer journey to really contextualise your MA plan, automated lead distribution using the smart grading system and an Engagement Studio mapped and built. We throw in some more support hours too just to make sure you’re looked after.

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Quick Start (Up to 7 days)

  • Vanity domain, SPF, domain key setup
  • CRM integration
  • Whitelisting IPs and creating filters
  • Connector set up
  • Data migration
  • Creating users and enabling SSO with Salesforce
  • Folder hierarchy (& Scoring Categories if Pro Account)
  • Website tracking code

Comprehensive (Up to 14 days)

  • Everything in Quick Start plus:
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Automated lead distribution mapping & set up
  • 1 x Profile with grading set up
  • 1 x Engagement Studio template mapped and built
  • 8 hours of support

Pardot Implementation Guide

Whether you’re looking to implement Pardot soon or want to check the system has been set up correctly, take a look at our Pardot Implementation Guide to make sure it’s all working properly.

View the guide
Pardot Implementation Guide
Pardot Implementation Checklist

Pardot Implementation Checklist

Download your own checklist for implementing Pardot and ensure you have the basic steps covered. Don’t risk missing parts that may cause problems later on. Download now.

Download the guide

Want to implement Pardot yourself?

Pardot Implementation Course DIY

  • Learn how to implement Pardot and connect to Salesforce
  • Watch easy to understand videos explaining every step
  • Implement Pardot at your own pace
  • Learn best practice strategies
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