Pardot Implementation

Let us get you set up quickly and correctly, so you can start using Pardot right away. We’ll even train your internal team on how to use Pardot well!

The importance of a great implementation

Don’t risk missing key parts

A rushed Pardot implementation can result in problems later down the track – big problems! There are many nuances to setting up a well-oiled marketing automation machine, particularly when it comes to syncing with Salesforce.

Tap into the right features

Understanding the features that are available within Pardot is the first step to being able to create a great marketing automation strategy. As part of any implementation, marketers should be exploring the features and options.

Save yourself some time

Setting up Pardot requires technical know-how, so if you’re not familiar with domain key setup, CRM integration, data migration or analytics dashboards, it will likely save you heaps of time to have experts in Pardot, like us, do this for you.

What’s included?

Remote quick-start package

The 7 Day Remote Quick Start package is ideal for those who just want to get set up right away, starting on the front foot with a beautifully configured system. By the end of this implementation, you’ll be able to start building marketing campaigns right away.

“Our company has been struggling with an incorrect setup of our Pardot workflows and content download processes. We hired Tom and his team to help us set up these processes in a cleaner and more efficient way, and they did an excellent job!”

Flora, Website Administrator at Ecosio

Custom package

For those who want more than the basics, our custom package includes further customization of the system and can also include a tailored set up of things like email, form or landing page templates, deep Salesforce integration, Engagement Studio journey setup and Advanced account features like Business Units.

“They’ve supported us in making sure we have the basics set up well through to creating in-depth and creative Engagement Studios that have allowed us to attract and track more new business into the organization.”

Jon, Marketing Manager at Ambition

Training for your team

While we take care of the initial implementation, your in-house team members still need the guidance and support to take this setup and run with it. So, at the end of an implementation, we will provide you with training so you are familiar with the system and can start to use it in line with best practice.

“Within the first week of partnering with MarCloud, they felt like an extension of our team and were just as invested in the success of this project as we were.”

Mackenzie, Director of Demand Generation at eGym

Pardot implementation packages

Pardot Quick Start (up to 7 days)


  • Vanity domain, SPF, domain key setup
  • CRM integration
  • Sync with Salesforce and field configuration
  • Pardot components on Salesforce layouts
  • Engagement History Dashboards (if Plus Account)
  • Website tracking
  • Connected Users with Salesforce SSO
  • Data migration
  • Folder hierarchy (Scoring Categories if Plus Account)
  • B2B Marketing Analytics Setup (if Plus Account)
  • Best practice guidance

£3,500 +VAT


Pardot Advanced or Premium


  • Further customisation of the system
  • Pardot Templates (Email/Form/Landing Page)
  • Deep integration with Salesforce & proprietary software
  • Engagement Studio journeys
  • Pardot Business Units planning and implementation
  • Campaign Influence
  • Campaign hierarchy and reporting
  • Pardot Einstein Features
  • B2B Marketing Analytics configuration and custom dashboards
  • Training

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People are talking

No matter the question we have, the team has a solution. They’ve saved me countless hours and, by avoiding an expensive hire, many dollars, too.

On top of that, they’re patient, fun to work with, and super understanding. If your business needs Pardot to thrive, and if you’re anything less than a Pardot/Salesforce wizard, MarCloud can help you!


Marketing Director at KirkpatrickPrice

They’ve not only demonstrated a firm grasp over Pardot + Salesforce that results in creative custom solutions that fit our current setup but also have shown an incredible dedication to responsive and thorough client management.


Associate Product Manager at Common

We approached Marcloud with an unusual set of requirements in late July 2020, with the hope that the project could be delivered by early September.

Not only was the work delivered on time and to spec, but the quality of support and consultation from Tom, Matt, and the rest of the Marcloud team was fantastic. We’ve ended up with a unique custom system that meets our needs, and excellent documentation and collateral that demonstrates the attention to detail of the Marcloud team.


Associate Dean at Ambition Institute

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