Salesforce Consulting

We can help you manage Salesforce Sales Cloud with Pardot and other systems front of mind. Ensure your marketing ecosystem is working well!

Why work with a Salesforce consultant?

Avoid technical mishaps

Making sure that Salesforce and Pardot sync in the right ways is crucial to ensuring sales and marketing teams have accurate, compliant data to work with. A Salesforce consultant can see technical errors you might otherwise miss.

Share analytics & reporting

Configuring B2B Marketing Analytics with the dashboards and reports that marketing need access to, even when they don’t have access as Salesforce Admins, makes it easier to track and report on marketing impact on the business.

Confidently scale up activity

Instead of taking the time to figure out what’s possible and where to go next with Salesforce, simply speak with us about your ideas and objectives. We’ll support you to plan and implement features and campaigns that help you scale over time.

What we do

Quick start implementation

We help you get up and running quickly with Sales Cloud. As this is going to completely innovate the way you work, we make sure you’re looked after with training, support time and monthly check-ins included. We’ll make sure the sales process is set up exactly how you want it and ideally, you’ll be using Pardot too so we can make the full journey seamless!

“MarCloud Consulting was the best solution on getting our company on track and compliant with with EU-GDPR”.

Angela, Salesforce CRM Owner at Siemens Logistics

Ongoing Salesforce support

Our way of working is easy. We use a project management tool where you can raise a ticket, chat to us fluidly, add attachments etc. We can help with ad-hoc admin tasks, upskilling the team and even proactively take care of relevant new releases so your account is always one step ahead of the game.

“They’ve not only demonstrated a firm grasp over Pardot + Salesforce that results in creative custom solutions that fit our current setup but also have shown an incredible dedication to responsive and thorough client management.”

Julie, Associate Product Manager at Common

Integration and configuration

Every business is different and Salesforce is capable of integrating with all of the core applications that you use. Let us know how you do business and we’ll get everything talking to each other in Salesforce so you can continue to grow, safe in the knowledge that your systems are in sync.

“Within the first week of partnering with MarCloud, they felt like an extension of our team and were just as invested in the success of this project as we were.”

Mackenzie, Director of Demand Generation at eGym

Flexible options for Pardot support and consulting

Time and materials

Ideal for clients who:

  • Need quick ad-hoc support on demand
  • Want a team to proactively optimise Pardot throughout the year
  • Lack internal expertise
  • See the long-term goals of marketing automation strategy
  • Is looking for flexibility


Retained hours

Ideal for clients who:

  • Have expertise in-house and need a helping hand with best practice
  • Know roughly the amount of support needed



Ideal for clients who:

  • Have a clear scope 
  • Are clear on the deliverables
  • Have skills in-house to maintain Pardot and Sales Cloud once the project is complete


People are talking

No matter the question we have, the team has a solution. They’ve saved me countless hours and, by avoiding an expensive hire, many dollars, too.

On top of that, they’re patient, fun to work with, and super understanding. If your business needs Pardot to thrive, and if you’re anything less than a Pardot/Salesforce wizard, MarCloud can help you!


Marketing Director at KirkpatrickPrice

They’ve not only demonstrated a firm grasp over Pardot + Salesforce that results in creative custom solutions that fit our current setup but also have shown an incredible dedication to responsive and thorough client management.


Associate Product Manager at Common

It has been great working with Tom at MarCloud Consulting. He’s a real expert in all things Pardot and has helped our company tackle individual issues as well as recommend best practices, following a thorough audit. I would recommend anyone trying to get grips with Pardot!


Senior Marketing & Communications Manager at Freedom

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