Working with Tom Ryan has been great! The agency offered us a bespoke workshop tailored to our requirements and business needs. In addition, Tom offered his expert advice and knowledge on how best we should use the system and provided us with relevant materials to refer to. I would highly recommend to use this agency for any Pardot support.

Sarika Mandalia, Efficio

Pardot Training: A Note From Tom

Our training is always bespoke to the business we’re working with. With a system like Pardot things naturally come up through in-depth discussions so it’s good to have time available for flexibility and this is why our on-site training needs to be a minimum of one full day so you get the most benefit. Bring the whole marketing team in and sales can join for relevant parts too and let’s get you up to speed.”

Tom Ryan Pardot Consultant

Tom Ryan, Founder & Certified Pardot Consultant

Tom Ryan LinkedIn


Possible Areas To Cover In Your Training Session

The list below is not exhaustive but provides some areas for you to think about when tailoring your own training session.

All of our training is in line with best practice.

Scoring & Grading
Field settingsDatabase segmentationBaseline scoring
Progressive profilingCreating segmentation rulesScoring categories
(Pro & Ultimate)
Dependant fieldsDynamic & static listsBuilding personas and profiles
GDPR complianceStatic listsAutomated grading
Landing pages
Automation rulesEditing templatesForm completion behaviour
Page actionsCompleted actionsUsing form templates
Custom redirectsA/B testing
(Pro & Ultimate)
Editing the page
Completed actionsEmail render testing
(Pro & Ultimate)
Landing page vs form report
Engagement studio
 Dynamic content
 Triggers, rules & actions Creating dynamic contentCampaign & conversion report
 Testing Dynamic content in emails & forms Lifecycle report
 Reporting Dynamic content on your website Reporting on marketing assets
 How to build a new program Prospect lifecycle report

Do you need beautiful, responsive Pardot templates built?

Pardot Landing Page Template        Responsive Pardot Landing Page Template

  • Fully Responsive Landing Page, Form and Email Templates
  • Fully Editable Within The Pardot WYSIWYG Editor
  • Matches Your Brand Look & Feel
  • Includes Training On How To Edit Your New Asset
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