Rolling automated marketing activity out to other US states for Twig Education

Following a very successful campaign rolling out a new science program in California they were now looking to scale their operations to market their products to the rest of the US.

Business results:

Marketing-qualified Opportunities

Long-term contracts & revenue


Twig Education is an education publisher providing resources for teachers and others in the industry, via a subscription model.


Science Education


Medium-sized enterprise


Glasgow, London UK

Our early work together was for MarCloud Consulting to enable the ‘Additional Models’ feature in Salesforce, so the client could report on first-touch, last-touch and even distribution models in B2B Marketing Analytics. 

This groundwork would enable them to have custom reports created in B2B Marketing Analytics, so they could measure the effectiveness of marketing assets and be able to drill down into a specific campaign or territory.

Being able to see at a deeper level that Pardot (now Marketing Cloud Account Engagement) was being used successfully for targeting the California market would validate their desire to expand activity into other US states.

Before the business could scale confidently though, they needed to ensure their account was ready to do so and have all of the necessary features and reports created, with their internal team trained in using these effectively and to best practice.

That’s where MarCloud came in.

Campaign goals & objectives

The business goals were to scale nationally, to increase sales and revenue from subscriptions in other states.

The objectives of our project were to:

    Ensure Pardot (MCAE) and Salesforce were integrated for accurate data sharing.
    Identify any opportunities to improve the Twig Education account.
    Develop custom dashboards and reports for the internal team.
    Train the internal team in using recommended features.

Keys to success

The process for this project was the same as we follow for most clients. It begins with Phase 1 ‘Insights’, before moving on to Phase 2 ‘Marketing’ and then Phase 3 ‘Reporting’.

The insights phase is invaluable as it allows the client to truly understand their analytics and make data-driven decisions.

As part of our Phase 1 work we:

  • Enabled Connected Campaigns
  • Set up B2B Marketing Analytics including;
    • a scalable campaign hierarchy 
    • custom dashboards and reports
  • Customised Campaign Influence
  • Connected users
  • Upgraded to the V2 connector
  • Added Page Action tracking
  • Created a custom Scoring model and set up Scoring Categories
  • Fixed >3,000 sync errors within Pardot (MCAE)

Following this, we prepared and delivered tailored training and a full handover with detailed documentation for the internal team, so they could self-sufficiently use and stay on top of these features and activities.

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The Payoff

From Phase 1 alone, our audit and adjustments of the account mean that the business is in a better position to understand their performance data, ensure a healthy and accurate database that is properly synced between Pardot (MCAE) and Salesforce, and ultimately put them in a place where they can scale without adding more errors or complications.

At the time of writing this case study, we are in the process of moving to Phase 2 of our model; Marketing. This is where the ‘doing’ begins!

We’ll update this case study over time to reflect the business results of our work together but in the meantime, this upfront project has created huge value for the client. 

The entire team at MarCloud were fantastic to work with on our recent Pardot project. They provided clear timelines and communication throughout and produced professional and concise documentation for our team as a part of their wrap-up. We couldn’t recommend them highly enough.


Head of Marketing at Twig Education