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Campaign Management

Personalised email marketing for Bruntwood

With a solid list of direct enquiries already within Pardot, Bruntwood was keen to run sophisticated email marketing to re-engage cold leads and drive them to convert.

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17,650% ROI


£5.18 million revenue

  • Industry

    Property management

  • Company Size

    Large enterprise

  • Location

    United Kingdom

Highly experienced in creating spaces for business success, Bruntwood has a dedicated sales team responsible for responding to and converting leads to leaseholders. 

With a solid list of direct enquiries already within Pardot, Bruntwood recognised that it was not a good use of the sales reps’ time to be manually following up with those leads who had previously enquired but become cold.

Instead, they were keen to run sophisticated, automated email marketing to re-engage these cold leads and drive them to convert with a limited-time promotion: if a customer was to sign up and start a lease within a specific time period, they would receive 20% off.

The aim was to encourage sign-ups using a sequence of emails and to share analytics from these emails with the sales team so they too could follow up with those indicating high levels of interest via their digital behaviour.

Campaign goals and objectives

The business goals were to directly increase sales and revenue via strategic email marketing. MarCloud was to plan and manage the campaign, acting as an extension of the Bruntwood team.

Right away, the priorities of the campaign were to:

  • Work with an existing list.

  • Employ segmentation rather than blasting the same email to all in the list.

  • Ensure high engagement and response rates.

  • Deliver immediate sign-ups and hot leads for the sales team.

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Keys to success

To achieve the best results from the campaign, we knew we needed to follow email best practices and instantly made a plan that included:

  • segmentation of the list.

  • automated, fully personalised follow-up emails based on behaviour.

  • a high-quality, fully responsible and editable email template.

  • a high-converting landing page that could be repurposed in Pardot for further lead generation campaigns.

With strategic, clear and documented planning, the campaign was launched efficiently. 

Personalisation was really key here, with recipients getting follow-up emails that varied based on whether they did or did not open the initial email, did or didn’t respond, or even viewed the landing page but did not submit the form. 

MarCloud took care of all copywriting, asset design and creation, and Pardot setup and management, providing an end-to-end service. The custom-built email template was made to meet all best practices, ensuring maximum email deliverability.

What’s more, we ensured that email analytics and lead notifications were correctly synced with Sales Cloud so that the sales team had visibility over performance and could also follow up with hot leads that had yet to sign a lease.

The payoff

Thanks to a high-level automated email marketing campaign, Bruntwood achieved the following results:

  • £5.18 million in revenue (and counting!)

  • 17,650% return on investment.

Needless to say, we’re still working hard with Bruntwood to continue getting more out of their Pardot prospects and account.

The services MarCloud provided – and continue to provide – during the implementation, build and management of Pardot have been pivotal to the success of Bruntwood’s marketing, business development and innovation services teams, a project that kicked off in 2019. We’ve been working with the team ever since, a relationship that has gone from strength to strength and has evolved and developed around various business needs and customer engagement goals. What sets MarCloud apart from the very few other dedicated Marketing Cloud automation consultancies is their expert-level product knowledge and the fact that they are genuinely great to work with. They invest the time to get under the skin of the client and delve deep to explore every detail of the requirements. This ensures that the solution they deliver is exactly on par with expectations and benefits multiple individuals and teams. For Bruntwood, the implementation of Pardot was a game changer as it meant we were able to connect with Salesforce and create journeys that generated additional revenue for the business.

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