MarCloud’s Mission, Values and Principles

This is what we’re all about. 

MarCloud’s Mission Statement

To bring together the most passionate and competent Salesforce Marketing professionals with the goal of becoming the #1 consultancy of choice for Pardot and Marketing Cloud across Europe.


  • Knowledge should be shared and Pardot reviews should be free.

  • Proposals should be written after we’ve seen an account (ideally after a free review), not before. 

  • We do not like or suggest duplicates (only in less common cases like well thought out business units).

  • We believe prospects should be created in Pardot first, where appropriate. 

  • We believe Pardot forms should be used for all prospect marketing activities like contact forms (unless there are processes or data that suggests otherwise).

  • Purchased data, on the whole, is not good and we cannot guarantee the best results with this approach. Inbound marketing and highly targeted campaigns are preferred in most cases. 

  • Spending good time on drawing visual maps helps align teams on the logical approach. This planning phase is an investment for future success. 

  • Talking through real life scenarios is often the best sense-check of a plan and how effective it might be in practice. 

  • We aim for best practice whilst considering our clients way of working, although we are not ‘yes-people’. We approach projects with an open mind proposing our approach but open to criticism and will adapt to a client’s changing needs. Plans need to be somewhat bulletproof and stress tested through different scenarios so we can be confident it’s a truly good and scalable solution to a problem.

Values and Principles

These values and principles apply to everyone at MarCloud, regardless of role, age or seniority:

  1. Transparency

    • We share our knowledge and thoughts on up-to-date releases for Pardot and Marketing Cloud on our blog.

    • We make clear what we know and let clients know when we don’t know. In these instances we explain how we will fill the knowledge gap. This open and honest approach enables us to build our second value, trust.

    • Our timesheets are always accessible by clients on-demand. Internally, our team is trained to log time accurately, honestly and fairly.

    • Our client-facing documentation shows our way of thinking and approaching problems. We’ll always explain why we’ve done something or approached a problem in a particular way.

    • Internally, we promote open and honest feedback even if it leads to uncomfortable situations. We’d rather people tell us what the problems are rather than sweep them under the rug. We use a tool called Friday Pulse to keep track of happiness in the company which also includes feedback functionality to improve how we work.

  2. Trust

    • This is key for any Salesforce partner. Our unique approach to projects and time & materials naturally build trust over time because we’re continuously advising our clients on best practice with Salesforce and marketing automation.

    • If we mess up or underperform for any reason, clients should expect us to reach out before they ‘find out’. Mistakes are a key part of innovation and creative problem-solving and providing safeguards are in place (e.g sandbox, backups, roll-back processes) then we are making progress. Fortunately, mistakes don’t happen too often.

    • Our thought leadership approach really shows we’re among the best in our field. Our blogs, webinars, content downloads and other content are always aligned with best practice so clients can be sure we’re the right people for the job.

    • We have multiple Salesforce Marketing Champions in the business and are seen as a thought leader in the Salesforce space.

  3. Customer Success

    • For implementations or other projects, we’re incentivised to do a great job as this makes it more likely that a client might sign up for ongoing support. Therefore, quality work is a high priority.

    • For our clients on time & materials, we only invoice for the time we actually use. This means if we ever take our foot off the pedal, we don’t get paid. The more value we provide, the more we get paid. We designed our contracts to be this way so our client’s success aligns with our success and helps us scale.

    • Quality assurance – It’s in our best interest to get the best CSAT scores on the Salesforce AppExchange as this impacts our partner status with Salesforce. High quality work is how we grow our business. We literally pay a cash bonus to the project manager who achieve 5* ratings for all categories on a client project.

  4. Curiosity

    • We are always thinking about how to implement best practice. Even if it means developing new solutions to enable this, like the Pardot Business Card Scanner.

    • Not all problems have immediate answers which is why we approach problems with a natural curiosity so that creative solutions can be born. Our team are encouraged to think of multiple options and look for the best answer, without an ego.

    • We value people who are naturally curious and lean toward hiring people who are obsessed with the need to learn and explore innovative solutions over someone with a lot of experience but who is set in their ways.

  5. Integrity

    • We do not use subcontractors for Pardot, Salesforce clouds or Marketing cloud consulting. It’s important that our solutions are delivered from MarCloud and not from a 3rd party who is going to disappear. 

    • If there has been a failure, no-one internally will be penalised if they own up to their mistakes. It’s important we identify the problem, provide a solution and ensure it never happens again. If failures are repeated, only then will we implement consequences. This is important for the MarCloud culture and being completely transparent with clients.

    • We use best-in-class technologies to enable us to deliver the best for our clients. All documents produced are owned by the client and saved in a client shared drive that clients have access to. Clients can download and delete data at will. We aim for privacy-by-design in our business and have solutions for password management, secure meetings, project management and time tracking.

  6. Collaboration

    • We always say we work ‘with’ our clients rather than ‘for’ them. This perspective change makes us accountable for our decisions and forces us to treat our clients’ business like our own.

    • Our clients know their business better than us and we’ll need to lean on their knowledge if we want to look good! Working together effectively and building a good working relationship is crucial.

    • Our clients are assigned project managers and we’re aware one person cannot know it all. Every member in our team can speak to others in the team easily for support on complicated solutions or for a quick soundboarding session.

  7. Common sense

    • If something doesn’t make sense, any person in MarCloud (regardless of role) has a duty to suggest what would make it better. This empowers the team to make collaborating more efficient which in turn, saves our clients time and money. The quality of work naturally increases which means better long-term relationships and is how we are choosing to grow. 

    • Our clients also have the right to point out something that doesn’t make sense. When this happens, we will adapt and propose a solution.

    • We write free reviews for potential clients before we even have a contract in place. This is because we believe we need to see what we’re working with before we scope and tell a client how much something costs. The free review shows off our expertise at the same time as showing us how simple or complicated a project might be.

    • Free reviews to initiate an engagement are a win-win for the client and for us. The client gains valuable insight and we can scope correctly and get a plan in place for future projects and ideas. It also allows our passion to shine through, promote best practice and prove we’re here for long-term relationships.

  8. Resilience

    • Consulting isn’t easy which is why we hire remarkable people. It is our responsibility as representatives of MarCloud that we show professionalism and optimism to our clients even through adversity.

  9. Clarity in Communication

    • Pardot, Salesforce and Marketing Cloud can be complicated tools. It’s our job to make it easier. We commit to conveying clear and concise communications to our clients to reduce frustration as much as possible. If we’re unclear, we’re not doing our job properly.

    • Our contracts are easy to work with. Working with MarCloud is straightforward and don’t require lengthy discussions because we keep it simple. For example, we often speak to new enquiries and get them onboarded in 2 weeks.

    • Reading emails and project updates from us should be easy. We try to get straight to the point and adapt our messaging style to suit our clients’ experience level which improves over time.

  10. Continuous Improvement

    • We proactively encourage Salesforce certifications so we can demonstrate we know what we’re talking about.

    • Internally, we host weekly ‘Ask The Expert Anything’ sessions with Tom (Founder) / Head’s of to help any blocked projects or to give different perspectives on a problem.

    • We commit to working with Salesforce as closely as possible to learn new features before or the day they are released. This means our clients are always made aware of new features that will benefit them. 


This page was last updated on 01st October 2021

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