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Clean up your Marketing Cloud instance

Are you struggling to control the number of contacts in your Marketing Cloud Engagement database? Are you exceeding your licensing agreement with Salesforce?

MarCloud has developed a series of proven data cleanse solutions to help you keep control of your database.

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Marketing Clod Database Management

De-dupe your Marketing Cloud Engagement database

Bloated Marketing Cloud Engagement databases are painfully common. It prevents you from seeing accurate data and targeting the right people with the right message, at the right time. Furthermore, you do not want to be incurring unnecessary storage costs.

This is why MarCloud has developed a series of proven solutions to help you get back on track.

Analysis and audit

Step 1: Reduce the numbers

If you have poor data management or a misconfigured data import process you will more than likely be generating duplicate records in your Marketing Cloud instance.

Our deduplication service is an immediate remedy that removes records bloating your system. This ensures you aren't running campaigns for the incorrect contacts!

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Settings Amend

Step 2: Identify the root cause

MarCloud's advanced data audit service identifies any deficiencies and weak areas for both automated and manual data syncing. From here we establish what remedial action can be taken to fix the underlying problem within the Marketing Cloud data architecture.

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Step 3: Optimisation and training

Once the core problem is solved, more possibilities open up within the system and what was previously a roadblock might no longer be there.

Our data management and optimisation service will automate the management of your contact data, up-skill your team to manage future data processes and provide a meaningful roadmap for enhancing your system so that you maximise your investment in the platform.

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