Free Pardot Review

Let us check your account and provide you with upfront recommendations of where to focus, fix, and improve. It’s 100% free with no strings attached!

The benefits of a Pardot review

Find activity gaps

It’s best practice to audit your Pardot account once every quarter and this free Pardot review is perfect for highlighting the areas you should be using. Do you have high-value prospects and aren’t tracking specific page visits? Do you have incomplete data? Sending generic emails? This review is for you.

Create a Pardot roadmap

The most valuable part of the free Pardot review is the recommendations. We compile an easy list of to-do’s for you to divvy out to your own team and maybe you’ll outsource the trickier parts to us. We review strategy and technical set up.

Correct technical errors

As part of the free review, we make sure all of the technical elements of Pardot are set up and working. It’s important for email deliverability, brand continuity and most importantly, the Pardot-Salesforce sync. If there’s a problem, we’ll find it.

What’s included?

Technical setup & integration

We’ll check on your integration with Salesforce and any synchronisation issues that might be cropping up in the account. Sometimes these are somewhat hidden, so you may not even be aware of them or the issues they could be causing!

“Our company has been struggling with an incorrect setup of our Pardot workflows and content download processes. We hired Tom and his team to help us set up these processes in a cleaner and more efficient way, and they did an excellent job!”

Flora, Website Administrator at Ecosio

Campaign reporting & ROI tracking

Struggling to see how your activity is impacting return on investment? We’ll review the key features and setup required in Pardot for you to see at a glance how Campaigns are performing and the results you’re achieving.

“They’ve supported us in making sure we have the basics set up well through to creating in-depth and creative Engagement Studios that have allowed us to attract and track more new business into the organisation.”

Jon, Marketing Manager at Ambition

Folder structure & custom fields

Your folder hierarchy plays a huge role in what you can achieve with your Pardot account. We’ll take a look at the way your folders, Campaigns, assets etc. are structured and provide recommendations on how best to organise these.

“MarCloud Consulting was the best solution on getting our company on track and compliant with with EU-GDPR”.

Angela, Salesforce CRM Owner at Siemens Logistics

People are talking

We approached Marcloud with an unusual set of requirements in late July 2020, with the hope that the project could be delivered by early September.

Not only was the work delivered on time and to spec, but the quality of support and consultation from Tom, Matt, and the rest of the Marcloud team was fantastic. We’ve ended up with a unique custom system that meets our needs, and excellent documentation and collateral that demonstrates the attention to detail of the Marcloud team.


Associate Dean at Ambition Institute

It has been great working with Tom at MarCloud Consulting. He’s a real expert in all things Pardot and has helped our company tackle individual issues as well as recommend best practices, following a thorough audit. I would recommend anyone trying to get grips with Pardot!


Senior Marketing & Communications Manager at Freedom

They’ve not only demonstrated a firm grasp over Pardot + Salesforce that results in creative custom solutions that fit our current setup but also have shown an incredible dedication to responsive and thorough client management.


Associate Product Manager at Common

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