Auditing Your Pardot Account

A Pardot audit gives you an opportunity to take a step back and really hone in on your business objectives. By checking in and reviewing the system as it is currently set up, it subsequently provides recommendations that address your core marketing automation goals.

It’s best practice to run an audit once every quarter to ensure you’re on the right track and every audit will produce slightly different results based on where you are at and how much progress has been made. Initially, a thorough audit should take place and then depending on how long you leave it, smaller ones can take place.

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What’s Included in the Audit?

Our team of Pardot experts and marketers will undertake a comprehensive review of your account.

  • Shine a light on how the system is currently set up
  • Communicate risks of the system failing as you scale
  • Uncover areas that are being underutilised
  • Enable your entire team to understand what’s happening in Pardot
  • Visualise the customer journey and how Leads should actually handled by Sales
  • Provide tangible and actionable recommendations for next steps

Our Pardot audits answer questions like:

  • Is the current framework fit for purpose?
  • Are Pardot and Salesforce talking to each other seamlessly?
  • Is your content taxonomy scalable and coherent?
  • Is the Salesforce campaign hierarchy in place and can we see the reports we need?
  • How can the customer journey be improved?
  • What scoring and grading system is in place?
  • What is the definition of an MQL?

Ultimately, it’s about giving you visibility of the system, a fresh perspective, and a set of next steps for improvement.

All of which allows you to successfully run lead generation and nurturing activity that generates a return on investment.

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