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MarCloud Consulting Wins Global PR & Marketing Excellence Award

October 6, 2020

MarCloud Consulting Wins Global PR & Marketing Excellence Award

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From the very start, the team at MarCloud Consulting have focused on pleasing clients and delivering great results, before winning industry awards. 

Our Pardot campaigns are not created with the purpose of entering them to win an accolade but with a genuine eagerness to do well for the clients that we work with. 

At the end of the day, awards don’t pay the bills.

That being said, we’re human. Which means that being recognised for the hard work we put into automated campaigns is always going to make us feel even better about them!

And right now we’re feeling extra validated because *drum roll*…

MarCloud Consulting has been awarded ‘Campaign of the Year’ in the 2020 Public Relations and Marketing Excellence Awards!

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Presented by the Business Intelligence Group, the PR and Marketing Excellence Awards identify the leading agencies and corporate departments who delivered quantifiable business results for their respective clients.

MarCloud was awarded ‘Campaign of the Year’ for our work with Kirkpatrick Price during the early stages of the COVID-19 lockdown.

When the global pandemic began, Kirkpatrick Price quickly realised they needed to promote their remote services in order to maintain momentum throughout lockdown and beyond.

To help them achieve this, we proposed a fully-automated Pardot marketing campaign.

The full case study will be added to the MarCloud Consulting website very soon but for now, let’s just say that the outcomes were high engagement, qualified marketing Opportunities, and long-term customers for the business.

Not only was the campaign a commercial success, by setting up a fully automated lead handover approach we transformed the internal processes that were previously time-consuming and inefficient.

Speaking about MarCloud Consulting as a provider of Pardot consulting services, here’s what Mike Ferguson, Marketing Director at Kirkpatrick Price says;

“The team at MarCloud has provided us with a level of guidance and expertise that is unrivalled. Whether wrestling with native support or trying to hunt down solutions through Google searches and video tutorials, we were always unsatisfied with results and we really were unable to tap into Pardot’s full capabilities. 

With MarCloud’s help, though, we’ve been able to get caught up on best practices, and we’re already seeing results. No matter the question we have, the team has a solution. They’ve saved me countless hours and, by avoiding an expensive hire, many dollars, too.”

We are truly thrilled to have been able to support Kirkpatrick Price with Pardot and have the success of this partnership be celebrated with this award. A big thanks to the client and the team for the strategy and work that went into the campaign.

If you’re currently using Pardot but suspect you could be getting more about of your account, contact us for a chat and let’s see how we can help you too.

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