Pardot Training: Become a Certified Specialist

Become the best marketer you can be with our Pardot on-demand 10-week training course. Now live! 

Pardot Training On-Demand

Be the best marketer

Our Pardot specialist training equips you with the necessary skills to navigate the marketing automation world like a pro.

Amongst our structured learning and practical tips and tricks from experts, we’ll help you work towards a prestigious Salesforce-accredited certification, which validates your skillset and opens endless opportunities for your career.

“The agency offered us a bespoke workshop tailored to our requirements and business needs. In addition, Tom offered his expert advice and knowledge on how best we should use the system and provided us with relevant materials to refer to. I would highly recommend using this agency for any Pardot support.”

Sarika, Senior CRM Analyst at Efficio

Course Features

10 on-demand lessons covering the core Marketing Cloud Account Engagement features.

Q&A sessions with certified Pardot Experts at MarCloud

Pardot Specialist pitstop exercises and assessments

Access to the MarCloud Consultancy Study Group

Who is this course for?

Marketers and Salesforce Admins

Become the best marketer you can be by enhancing your marketing automation skills. Or be well-versed as an administrator by understanding winning marketing campaigns’ strategy, structure and process.

For those on CPD plans

Start your marketing automation journey by enrolling in our on-demand course. Learn at your own pace.

Passionate Individuals

Broaden your knowledge by discovering the importance of marketing automation in digital marketing.

Will you pass Salesforce certification exams after this Pardot training?

Will this course help me pass the Pardot Specialist exam?

This course contains invaluable practical training and expert insights from Certified Pardot Specialists, and we’ll also prepare you to ace your Pardot Specialist Exam as we work through our training modules.

As part of the structured learning, we’ll guide you through typical Pardot Specialist Exam questions, advising you not just on best practice for being a great marketing automation professional, but also for answering Salesforce exam questions!


Will this course help me become a Pardot Consultant?

To become a Pardot Consultant, you must first study to become a Certified Pardot Specialist, and have on-the-job experience of problem-solving using Pardot, Salesforce, and third-party marketing technology. 

Our training is structured not only to help you pass your Pardot Specialist exam, but also give you a taste of real-world marketing consulting — how to gather requirements ahead of a project, the tools you’ll need to lean on, dealing with stakeholders, and of course getting the most out of Pardot’s ever-expanding arsenal of features and automations.